Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Appendix Adventures this last Saturday

My son had his appendix out last Saturday. April 7, at about 1 am or so, he woke up and was throwing up. He said he threw up for about 2 hours before I woke up. I woke up about 3 am and after he told me that his tummy was hurting more than ever before in his life, I took him to the Riverton Hospital which is very close to our home. We went to the Emergency Room  He was seen after about a half an hour, and he was given an ultrasound to try to find the appendix. And after an hour or so, it was decided there that he had appendicitis. The Doctor there Diagnosed him, and transferred us to Primary's.

 So, we were told to go to Primary Children's Hospital to have the surgery. We drove up there. By the time we got there, it was about 5 am. We probably saw about 13 different providers there. A Supervising Doctor, a  Doctor, a Nurse Practitioner, lots of other Doctors, and the Nurses were amazing. After lots of poking and prodding,  " Does this hurt?!" "Ow!"

It was decided that he should have his appendix removed. After it was already decided at the Riverton Hospital previously, and a Doctor there had basically referred us with a diagnosis to them. Go figure. I have no idea how these Doctor's work. Anyways, he was given saline several times since he was told he could not eat. He was given a few rounds of antibiotics before his surgery. And some pain medicine. The Riverton Hospital previously put an I.V. on his elbow, and it was very uncomfortable, so he got a lot of the medicine through his intraveinous method.

He finally got into surgery around 9:40 am The Surgical Doctor and Anesthesiologist were my favorite Doctor's for him, they were so kind to him, and explained everything to him. There were about 3 nurses I was very impressed with. One imparticular, was from Serbia. She had a very thick accent, and noticed he was extremely scared before his surgery. She explained the surgery to him and told him what it would feel like. I also had one of the Doctor's explain everything that would happen step by step in his surgery to him. And it helped him immensely with his nerves. Most of my pictures are on fb or my phone, and I have not put them on my computer yet. So, it might take me time to do that.

Just know,Robert and I were up for about 17 hours in a 2 day time frame. And it was pretty scarey.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas 2014

We have been sick off and on, not usually 2 or 3 of us at the same time, but, for about the last month we have been ill in some form. This is the first time, I have felt well enough to go to church as a whole family- since so many illnesses have been circulating.

And, this is also the first time I've felt like I have a few free moments to post about Christmas.

Christmas this last year was pretty crazy. We kept trying to go every which way we could all within the same day, or the same 3-5 days traveling to pretty much all sides of the state, so it seemed to me.

Coming from a Family, which is Blended, or Broken, and then put back together in a new way is pretty interesting.

Christmas EVE EVE is what I call the 23. I am so thankful for that day. It was the last day I saw my Maternal Grandfather alive. He passed away on January 1, 2015- from complications and the effects of Pancreatic Cancer and a rare form of Blood Cancer. I told him Marry Christmas on the 23 of December, and gave him a kiss on his cheek. He said, "Thank you Chelsea." And those were the last words I ever heard him utter to me. I just came from his funeral and he has been on my mind quite a bit these last few weeks. I am very happy that my son and my husband and I came to see him that night, and that we got to say our final goodbye to him then, in person, before he passed. He was 87 and had lived a wonderful life.He was a brilliant cardiologist and worked withe Elder Nelson on President Kimball's heart conditions and several other Prophets and Apostles of the Lord's Hearts and Health. I love him and miss him. He was kind, loving, forgiving, helpful and usually happy. He and my Grammy Joanne sang in the Tabernacle Choir together for many, many years and helped grow our families' love of music and singing. One of my gifts from God, that I try to emulate and work well on everyday. I love my Grandad. He always had a great sense of humor. He was witty and very silly in his jokes. He told wonderful stories of Jocko and Jinko Monkey living in the Jungle to his children and Grandchildren. He was always a servant of God and loved God and his family first.

Elder Russel M Nelson spoke at my Grandfather Allan Barker's Funeral about how much fun these 2 cardiologists had on a joint family trip to Mexico, pooling their funds to be able to drive buses to Mexico City and to get a bus to go to a different part of Mexico and to Go Deep Sea Fishing. They both caught huge Sailfish. My Grandaddy's was bigger than Elder Nelson's and the dissected the hearts of the sailfish and found out that they have 2 chamber hearts. Which they thought was pretty cool. Then they prayed to be able to get back to the city, because no buses went back to Mexico City from where they were at- and someone came and took their families back to their cars. I love hearing fun stories about my Grandfather. I miss him, and I love him ever so much.

On Christmas Day we had Christmas Morning at our home from about 8-9:30 am and drove from South Jordan to Cottonwood Heights to see my In Laws and have breakfast, open presents at their home. Then we went to my Mom's home also in Cottonwood Heights, and opened presents and had a bit of brunch with apple pancakes.

At about 4 pm we were beat, but were able to leave my mom's at about 4:30 to head to my Dad's home clear in Woods Cross, Utah below Bountiful. Which is quite a ways. We opened presents there and then left a while after we talked and said Merry Christmas. It was just a pretty crazy day. That is the night I got sick. Right on Christmas Day Night.

Here are the pictures from my Camera from Christmas and some from New Year's. Most of the pictures were from my phone and were put on fb that day or a few days after, these are the ones from our camera.

We gave Elena Native American Earrings

We Gave Grandma Cheryl a heart winged necklace that is pink

Christopher got some awesome legos from Grandma and Grandpa

We gave Grandma Cheryl some neat bottles she can display and use in her paintings.

Christopher got a TRex Shirt

And some cool clothes he needed new clothes!

He is helping Grandpa Joe open his present

Lots of Candy

A New Kindle Voyage from Grandma, he has been reading it every day since he got it!

A Michael Kors Wallet to fit my phone in

Humongous Lego Sets!

My Mom made him some great jammies

We gave blue earrings to Maren

Christopher got some fun new card games like Uno and War and Go Fish, he loves them!

I was sick on New Year's Eve but we still had some fun with sparkling Cider

Monday, December 8, 2014

Perspective on Life

A Neighborhood Man who was very young passed away a few weeks ago, he was 39 years old, and left behind a young son, and an adoring sister, brother in law, and dozens of nieces and nephews who loved him so much. And his parents who were so devoted to him. His disease was Colon Cancer which ultimately claimed his life, 2 days after his 39th Birthday and on the day of Thanksgiving, is when he passed away. No longer in pain. Set free, in heaven, he can now run, jump, play and breathe freely.

Not due only to this event, but, also to many others which continue to happen in my life. A lady who is very dear to me lost her Mother just a while ago, and last year has just lost her husband.

 I've come up with ideas on how to live a life more fully.

Ways to be thankful...

Write Thankful or Grateful notes or Letters to those I love.

These can be emails, sympathy cards, or notes delivered by mail.

Make homemade treats, cards or gifts for friends or family going through hard times.

Express genuine signs of gratitude by saying- "Thank You," more often.

Learning to be more thankful for trials and hard tribulations dealt to me in life.

Try to give to charities which provide food and shelter, and basic necessities to those in need.

Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen or Homeless Shelter or Domestic Violence Shelter, not just once. Learn exactly how lucky I am, in the situation I live in presently.

Find the positive out of every conversation and situation.

Think more positively, be more positive.

Get a Massage and/or a Haircut.

Actually spend money to buy me new clothes which I love.

Spend time with my family; seeing the lights downtown at Temple Square.

Taking our Family to the Muppet Motab Christmas Concert with Santino Fontana.

Try to use kinder words when speaking to those I love.

Learn that forgiveness is for me, to feel freer, kinder, more full of life and charity for the person whom I forgive. And sometimes, that person is myself.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Temple Square Fun from last week

My son has been out of school for a few weeks, on one of our adventures we explored Temple Square. We visited the Visitor Center and walked around the Temple. We had lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe and we took Trax back to our car. This same day we visited the Free Clark Planetarium.

I have no idea! Look at his face!

I think he is pretending to be an Officer in the Army or a King Giving Orders.

This is one of my favorites of him from the temple. I took a few more and I found the crown outside the temple and returned it when we were done.

This and the Crown one by the Bench are my favorite.

We also let him play in City Creek's Dinosaur Play Place for about 35 minutes.

Wheeler Farm yesterday

At an antique store yesterday a cute little Owl with eye troubles.

Silly Boy, playing with q tips last night

Pretending to be a Box Troll- playing with Boxes.

Total Alf Alfa Hair

Fun riding his bike earlier in the Fall

A note from my Grandmother who passed away seven years ago a few months after my Wedding.