Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

                                             We went to Lagoon on Saturday with Robert's work.
                                             Christopher loved all of the kiddie rides.
                                       His favourite are the boats that he can steer and ring the bell.
                He loves the kiddie cars too. The battery died on the camera so we didn't get many pictures.:(
                           Mom and dad went on Wicked and Colossus. And we got some sun!
                                               We took Christopher on the train too!
                                              Went on Thomas the Train on Memorial Day!
                                             With Grandma and Grandpa Merkley!
                                                These are pics I took of him when he came home.

                                      Christopher took these pictures, including this one of himself.

                      Daddy playing games. Tuckered out after Old Navy and Macy's shopping with Mommy.
    We got some new clothes; shorts, shirts,etc for the upcoming trip.
   Robert got some handsome new dress slacks to wear to dinner or out on the town with Me.
  He also took me to Mimi's cafe for lunch I had Medditerranean Fettuchine Alfredo. Rob had Chicken Parimigian and we tried New Orleans style beignets with strawberry sauce they were good!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Red Butte Garden Today

                                                   Dancing to the Music outside Jamba Juice
                                                        Konked out as we were parked
                                                           I just adore his cute face!
                                       The Snow covered mountains from Red Butte Garden
                                                       Beautiful trees and plants

                                                        My handsome boy!
                                                      I love you Christopher!
                                                 Attempts at Mom and Christopher Pictures

                                                  Me at Red Butte Garden May 27, 2011
                                                              He loved these benches!

                                                               The Burning Bush!
                                                      Pretty Cool, huh?
                                                   Awesome Froggie Drinking Fountain
                                                    These were my favourite flowers
                                                    I think they were called the Jerusalem Sage
                                                   Lovely Mountains above the Gardens
                                                          Christopher entering the kids Garden
                                                       It's a really gorgous place!
                                                       Native American like homes
                                                         Hi honey!
                                                          He said we are waiting for tea!
                                                            By a life size lizard- a little nervous
                                                    Darling little kid hut

                                                            Isn't that neat?
                                                  Under a type of Willow on a special kid chair

                                                       Playing with his new friend
                                                        I love the Mountains!
                                                      Gorgous view of the mountains.

                                              A whole lot of quail nesting, they are so cute!
                                                     There are a lot of them!
                                               The Vivid Obedient Plant! Totally made me laugh!

                                                       I loved this pinkish purple tree
                                                     carefree dancing outside Jamba