Monday, February 10, 2014

Zoo Adventures

We often go to the Hogle Zoo in Salt Lake- as a Family, because we have a Season Pass.
We put it to good use!
Here are some pictures from our recent Zoo Expedition on Feb 6, 2014!

                                             Grizzly Bears Eating Vegetables.
Saluting Mommy!

Pallus Cat

Our Happy Boy!

Wolf- This fellow rarely comes out. We were happy to see him!

Cool Looking bird Robert took some amazing photos of it.

Christopher's Favorite Monkey- Golden Lion Tamarin

Look at the monkey's tiny face! It's so cute!

This Monkey is so cute and is really social.

River Otters!!!!!

River Otters with Mommy.

I love this picture Robert took of Christopher.

                                                      Sea Lions and Seals

I stuck my tongue out so he'd smile. This is what happened.

Silly Boy!

Mrs. Polar Bear Feasting on some MEAT!

I love Christopher's animated faces in front of the Polar Bear Exhibit.

                                             Grizzly Bears eating Carrots and Pomegranates

Bears eat carrots and other veggies for lunch.

                                            Aggggh! Christopher is getting caught!

The Bald Eagles get fish to eat today!

Watching the River Otters swim and play is fun!

Mom these tusks aren't sharp! They are worn honey, lots of people have made them smooth with their hands.

                                           Zuri and her Mom and Grandma.

Hello Princess! Princess is this Rhinos name.

Princess Is Posing today.

George is saying hello in the cold

Hi George!