Saturday, August 25, 2012

Elder Germaine's Party

                                                 Christopher sleeps in the funniest positions lately

                                                    My sweet, slumbering 3 year old!

                                                    Talking to Alan Peterson's kids
                                              "You can jump too, I won't get hurt!"
                                                   Wrestling Uncle Todd
                                                    Good times at Jordan Germaine's Farewell Party

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Aquarium and Daybreak Lake

We went to the Aquairium a few days ago and got this cool picture taken there.

We got to pet some sharks like tiger sharks, zebra sharks and other small ones. 
It was pretty neat.
Until a huge Red Beetle climbed on my hand!
A Huge Beetle crawled on my purse & my hand at the aquairium it hissed! Creeepy!
It was not on exhibit and just happened to be crawling around uninvited on my purse!
And my hand, next to the shark tank.
Really gave me a scare!
We went to the Celebration of President Monson's 85th Birthday at the Conference Center last night.

                                                  Before the show started, funny girls.

                                                Beautiful classics and Broadway! I loved it!
                                                         My baby at Daybreak Lake today

                                                         Whiney and hot it was a 2 hour walk
                                               "I'm making a pyramid!"

                                                    Hiding his face while laughing

                                              I told him not to look at me so he did. I love this shot.
                                               Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coulson and Emily's Wedding

Yesterday Aug. 13, 2012 my cousin Coulson Wiscomb married a gorgous girl named Emily.
We had the pleasure of attending the reception and wishing the bride and groom well, and getting a picture with them to mark their momentous occasion and lovely wedding day.

I had a fantastic time talking to many family members and friends and feeling that my grandmother who is in heaven was present at the event and filled with joy. I miss Gram Gram, (Sally Rich Burbidge Cassity) I'm so happy for Coulson and Emily and pleased that my Grandma was wishing them well from heaven and how I could feel her there.

                                                Our family with the Happy Couple!
                                                    Congratulations Coulson and Emily!
                                                              Love, The Merkley Family

Monday, August 13, 2012

Merkley Extended Family Adventures

For about the past 5 days or so we have had the fortune to spend lots of time with Kenneth and Andrea Merkley and their children, and with Elena and Dave Jameson and Cheryl and Joe Merkley. We had some great fun slip and sliding on Saturday with Annel and Kelton Andersen's Family and members of their extended family as well. Great times!