Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Coulson and Emily's Wedding

Yesterday Aug. 13, 2012 my cousin Coulson Wiscomb married a gorgous girl named Emily.
We had the pleasure of attending the reception and wishing the bride and groom well, and getting a picture with them to mark their momentous occasion and lovely wedding day.

I had a fantastic time talking to many family members and friends and feeling that my grandmother who is in heaven was present at the event and filled with joy. I miss Gram Gram, (Sally Rich Burbidge Cassity) I'm so happy for Coulson and Emily and pleased that my Grandma was wishing them well from heaven and how I could feel her there.

                                                Our family with the Happy Couple!
                                                    Congratulations Coulson and Emily!
                                                              Love, The Merkley Family

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