Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Appendix Adventures this last Saturday

My son had his appendix out last Saturday. April 7, at about 1 am or so, he woke up and was throwing up. He said he threw up for about 2 hours before I woke up. I woke up about 3 am and after he told me that his tummy was hurting more than ever before in his life, I took him to the Riverton Hospital which is very close to our home. We went to the Emergency Room  He was seen after about a half an hour, and he was given an ultrasound to try to find the appendix. And after an hour or so, it was decided there that he had appendicitis. The Doctor there Diagnosed him, and transferred us to Primary's.

 So, we were told to go to Primary Children's Hospital to have the surgery. We drove up there. By the time we got there, it was about 5 am. We probably saw about 13 different providers there. A Supervising Doctor, a  Doctor, a Nurse Practitioner, lots of other Doctors, and the Nurses were amazing. After lots of poking and prodding,  " Does this hurt?!" "Ow!"

It was decided that he should have his appendix removed. After it was already decided at the Riverton Hospital previously, and a Doctor there had basically referred us with a diagnosis to them. Go figure. I have no idea how these Doctor's work. Anyways, he was given saline several times since he was told he could not eat. He was given a few rounds of antibiotics before his surgery. And some pain medicine. The Riverton Hospital previously put an I.V. on his elbow, and it was very uncomfortable, so he got a lot of the medicine through his intraveinous method.

He finally got into surgery around 9:40 am The Surgical Doctor and Anesthesiologist were my favorite Doctor's for him, they were so kind to him, and explained everything to him. There were about 3 nurses I was very impressed with. One imparticular, was from Serbia. She had a very thick accent, and noticed he was extremely scared before his surgery. She explained the surgery to him and told him what it would feel like. I also had one of the Doctor's explain everything that would happen step by step in his surgery to him. And it helped him immensely with his nerves. Most of my pictures are on fb or my phone, and I have not put them on my computer yet. So, it might take me time to do that.

Just know,Robert and I were up for about 17 hours in a 2 day time frame. And it was pretty scarey.