Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am struggling typing this our family has been ill for the past week. I became ill 2 nights ago and have caught what my son has had. A bad fever, cough and stuffy nose. I have not been able to rest for 4 nights. I have had minimum sleep. I've tried to take sleeping pills and medication for my symptoms but nothing has eased my mind and body to give me peaceful rest, in 4 nights!

I feel like a zombie, and I feel like my dark circles around my eyes don't lie either.

 I don't sleep walk but I feel like I've been going through life like this for 4 nights, as a zombie like person on auto pilot. It has not been fun. I did manage to get 3 and a half hours of sleep this morning thanks to my mother in law who helped with my son today! Thank heavens!

This is true my son and I have had a fever and my husband has insanely early classes which don't help my sleep patterns. Also, a child disrupting parents tries to sleep happens frequently and anxiety and depression or those with Psychological imbalances suffer more from fatigue as a result of their illness and also ocassionally as side effects from medication.

I hope to sleep tonight. Chelsea

Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Marvelous Work

I had a Quiz yesterday that I studied for very hard for 2 previous days before the Quiz for. There was a lot of material to remember about assessment in teaching young children and I was very nervous as my Professor was handing out the Quiz. So, as quietly as I could I said a prayer in my heart to help me remember all I studied so hard for and everything which i'd heard and listened to in class. I asked for my mind to be clear of all other worries and it was made clear so I could remember! I'm not sure of the results but I'm sure I aced the Quiz! That was a magnificent feeling!

Also, I sing with the SL Institute of Religion Institute Singers and today we sang renditions of; How Firm a Foundation, Abide with Me, and I believe in Christ. I have lots of years of practice performing with choirs abroad and locally so i've been doing that for a very long time, since I was 3 years old. Today Brother Schank, who used to direct the Institute Singer's Choir last term and last year listened to us. He pointed me out and said that I was very fun to watch sing because he knows the message is written on my heart! I started crying with Gratitude! Here is a Teacher I've never known or met before and he picks me out of a choir and gives me the highest praises you can get for singing praises to your maker! I felt richly blessed today. As I was thanking my Choir Director Brother Romrell and telling him to please tell Brother Schank thank you for his kind comment, he told me he has seen my countenance too while I'm singing and he feels the same way. He also said his wife,(Sister Romrell, a Vocal Performance Major from BYU and Voice Teacher) picked me out in our first performance the first week of school and said that my countenance was compelling to watch as well. He said I needed to know that credible comment comes from 3 different sources. I was so full of gratitude and appreciation to my Heavenly Father and the people he has chosen to lead my choirs and to be leaders in my life right now. I am so thankful for my gift of song and hope to always sing praises to God as long as I live. One day soon, I aspire to be an Alto or Soprano in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a dream  and goal I have always envisioned and I know will come true ultimately with lots of hard work, family support, love and dedication from the spirit.

On a sidenote- My husband did 2 loads of laundry today and folded one of the loads and put it away! He also helped me take out the laundry from the dryer when I was taking it out! I was so impressed and thankful for his help that I let him have some "Daddy Time" to play a video game for about 40 min. that he's been wanting to play. I think he's finally figured out that after 4 and a half years of marriage if you want to get something you do something nice for your spouse and then are given what you ask for!;)


Sunday, September 11, 2011


This weekend has been busy and somewhat of a fiasco. I am really tired but need some writing time to relax.
I am not at liberty to say the events of the weekend, but If you know all sides of my family & that is pretty dynamic and different than you probably could guess.

I don't like censoring my life for other people because they are scared of something they shouldn't be afraid of. That is just how I feel. I also do not get along with people well who are fake. That means they pretend to be nice or put on a facade of perfection and keeping up appearances for others and don't treat me well. I don't take well to that behavior when I'm treated that way by anyone regardless of there relations or lack of relations to me. I feel somewhat attacked when certain members of my family are excluded from family events or other things which should be considered inclusive. It's a really busy time of year for everyone and I'm aware of all that's going on. I just think that some people should make time for others in their lives which they won't right now. Whether it has to do with being a parent, grandparent or a sibling. Kids only want you around in there lives for so many years. We all know that teenagers are really hard to get through to. I was there 10 yrs ago and I remember what it was like then. I am of the opinion, that parents and families should make time for their children and grandchildren even when there is little time. They should make family a priority and not money, business or other worldly pursuits which glorify themselves.

I love my family very deeply.


Thursday, September 8, 2011

Awareness for your loved ones, friends and acquantences

This week is National Suicide Prevention Week. Sometimes all people need is a little reminder that they are seen and loved. Remember, talking to that person waiting at the bus stop with you, or giving someone a compliment might just save a life. Be aware of the people around you; we are all running the same race.

We are all human beings in need of compassion, love and happiness. You can share you're appreciation for a friend or family member and really improve their quality of life! Think of how you feel when someone tells you you look beautiful or handsome! It brightens you're day. I know that my life has been saved a whole bunch of times because of others who deeply care for me and my well being and happiness.
Please remember others today, this week and always. Undoubtedly Karma will come back to you and bring more sunshine into your very own life when you remember others. Thanks for listening.


Early Mornings

Today's post is not going to be filled with pictures. It is going to be filled with words. I do not like waking up early, and I do not enjoy going to bed early either. Therefore, you can imagine that I am usually tired and low on sleep. My husband is taking a class twice a week which is very early in the morning. He has to drive to school leaving about 6:30, so he gets up around 5:30-6 am. This is really hard for me. I hardly ever get to sleep again after he gets ready and wakes up and leaves. We attempted to switch times for the course but there are no other times offered so that is a dubious challenge that is hanging over my head.

I used to be able to sleep anytime of the day or night when I was a teenager. I used to like to stay up all night and go out to parties with close friends. I still go to get togethers, except they are almost always with family or just girl's night venues. I lament that I can not sleep anytime of the day or night anymore. I usually don't fall asleep before midnight and sometimes not till 2 am. Which is alarming because my son and husband are always fast asleep for hours before I can get any rest.

I used to take meds for helping my mind relax I havn't for years. I take just normal over the counter sleeping pills sometimes and herbal remedies like Melatonin, sometimes they work but rarely.
Oh well, need to feed my son breakfast. Chels

Monday, September 5, 2011

Merkley Reunion & Christopher's Birthday Celebration!

                                         This is the tent we slept in on Friday night, Thanks Cheryl and Joe!
                                          Little Reid and Christopher Roasting Hot Dogs with Joe.
                                                                 Cute Reid.
                                                       Dinosaur Birthday Cake!

                                                            Mommy and Christopher!
                                                                 Chocolate Face!
                                                                  Mischevious face!
                                         Opening his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Merkley!
                                                            A tool workshop!
                                                           Like Bob the Builder!
                                                       What is it?
                                                           A Cars Blanket!

Yay Lightnin McQueen!
                                                                Darling Baby Izzy
                                              Who woke up bright and early at 7 am? In our tent?
                                                      Playing Swordfighting at the campsite!
                                            Birthday 4 Wheeling! Yay! 1st time ever for Christopher!
                                                             He's ready to drive!

                                                        My Baby is already 3!
                                                                 My hubbs 4 wheeling.

                                                                 Family 4 Wheeling!
                                                                 Here we go!
                                                          Grandma, Christopher and Aunt Pat.
                                                           Merkley Reunion fun.
                                                        Erin and Mike Merkley by all the food.

                                                                 Blowing out his candles!
                                                         Being a Bear, but Reid's not scared!

                                                  Reid fighing the bad guys, or his shadow.
                                                            kids playing

                                                          playing at the campground

                                                            Silly Boys!

                                                             My Happy 3 year old!

This weekend Fri. night to Saturday afternoon was the first time I'd been camping since I was 13! We went up near Coalville to Frienship Manor or Meadows or something and camped out for a night for the Annual Merkley Reunion Party! We got really dirty! Especially Christopher and all our clothes had to be washed when we got home! It was very fun to see all of the Merkley clan for a short time! I survived camping out in the wild! Friday night I was so scared of bears, mountain lions or cougars,etc because I could hear things around our tent! Cheryl and Ann said there might have been racoons or squirrels out and that's it! I was still scared! But slept okay. When I wasn't hearing a little kid scream in the middle of the night, not mine by the way. 

Overall, we had a fun time. I may go again. I would like a 5 star hotel or Lodge better but you get what you get! And we can't afford that anyways. It was a great birthday celebration for Christopher and he had fun with all his relatives! Chelsea


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Well, this Labor Day Weekend has been eventful, filled to the brim with activities for our family to do!
On Friday we drove up near Coalville and Camped Out for a night in the outdoors! We borrowed a tent from my in laws and slept in a tent with just the tent, sleeping bags and dirty ground! I had to have my hubbs grab me 2 extra blankets out of our trunk since it was so freezing! I am so thankful for my home and our heater and also my soft warm bed! I don't like sleeping outside with bugs and scary animals which rustle around my tent in the night! I was so scared! My son got super dirty and all our clothes smelled like dirt and the outdoors! I washed them all when we got home!

It was for the Merkley Family Reunion. I met quite a few people of his extended Family that I've never met before, had some pretty yummy scones, mountain man breakfast and Marty, Mike and  Aunt Pat and Uncle Kent brought Subway for Lunch which was good but swarmed by thousands of bees of which Aunt Pat got a few stings from:( I met Erin, Robert's Cousin Mike's Wife and his cousin Mike again. Ruth and Joseph Merkley and their kids were there as well. I talked with her and Robert's Cousin Heather about the GRE and how hard the test is, which they've both taken it. Christopher had a fun Birthday party with a Dinosaur cake and played with little Reid and all of Ruth and Joseph's kids. The campground had bathrooms with toilets but they were kind of dirty, and had cement ground so felt gross. Definately lot upper par, i would prefer to have stayed in a 5 star Hotel or Lodge, or at worst a Camper or RV but we own none of those and can't really afford a lavish 5 star hotel anyway. We were fortunate enough to have sleeping bags, a tent and blankets and didn't fall asleep until around midnight. An air mattress would've been a bit more comfy but that's okay. I can say I roughed it for a night and a day.

I really enjoyed the 4 wheeling which I had never done before! Christopher loved it as well! I got so dirty on one but it was really very fun!

We had some birthday celebrations yesterday where my son got presents from my Dad and his wife and her kids, and also today Robert and I gave our gifts to Christopher. So he's had 3 days of celebrating his birthday. Including his actual birthday. Pretty fun huh?

                                                         Cars 2 Coloring Book!
                                 Happy Birthday To You by Dr. Seuss! From Mommy and Daddy!
                                                    Cars 2 Coloring book too!
Pretending to read the Nose Book! From Mom and Dad

                                                           PAC 12 Utah shirt for Robert
                                                         Playing shooting sound effects games
                                                               Wii gun profile
                                                          Birthday Cake!
                                                          Happy 3rd Birthday!
                                                               My little sniper

                                                          Cutie Cousins & step siblings
                                                      Singing Happy Birthday to my lil guy!

                                                       Waiting to blow his candles out.
                                                          He blew them out with spit!
                                                              Cute Courtney

                                                             Here Christopher!
                                                                What is it?
                                                               Your very own backpack!
                                 Shaunna sewed it onto the bag for him! Thanks Shaunna! And Sharon embroidered it!                                      Thanks Sharon!
                                                            1 last big surprise!
                                                     Wow! Your very own bike Christopher!
                                                                  A balance bike!

Mmmmm Cake!
                                                                 PAC 12 U shirt
                                       Playing with Grandpa and his new bike while his darling cousin plays too.
                                                       Grandpa Burbidge and Nana Leah