Sunday, September 11, 2011


This weekend has been busy and somewhat of a fiasco. I am really tired but need some writing time to relax.
I am not at liberty to say the events of the weekend, but If you know all sides of my family & that is pretty dynamic and different than you probably could guess.

I don't like censoring my life for other people because they are scared of something they shouldn't be afraid of. That is just how I feel. I also do not get along with people well who are fake. That means they pretend to be nice or put on a facade of perfection and keeping up appearances for others and don't treat me well. I don't take well to that behavior when I'm treated that way by anyone regardless of there relations or lack of relations to me. I feel somewhat attacked when certain members of my family are excluded from family events or other things which should be considered inclusive. It's a really busy time of year for everyone and I'm aware of all that's going on. I just think that some people should make time for others in their lives which they won't right now. Whether it has to do with being a parent, grandparent or a sibling. Kids only want you around in there lives for so many years. We all know that teenagers are really hard to get through to. I was there 10 yrs ago and I remember what it was like then. I am of the opinion, that parents and families should make time for their children and grandchildren even when there is little time. They should make family a priority and not money, business or other worldly pursuits which glorify themselves.

I love my family very deeply.


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