Saturday, October 11, 2014

My baby Brother got MARRIED today! Congrats Howie and Ellie!!!!

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Wedding Reception

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Stewart Falls October 3, 2014

Family Pictures at Stuart Falls in Provo Canyon

                                                  I took some great pictures of Robert!

The pictures above were from our camera. The ones below are from my phone.

I though about not posting this, but he looks so cute! Even if he is wearing the wrong hat ;)

Super excited to see this beautiful foliage!

 Fall really brings my Spirit alive! I love how there are elements of almost every season showing in fall! Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter is creeping up too now.

Part of the reason I enjoy fall is that it is a season of rapid change. Colors are bold and often change quickly.

The Foliage is so pretty with all the Fall Colors. Ignore the fellow hiker.

Elements of Spring, Summer and Winter are here within glorious Fall.

                      Part of the Stuart Falls, near the end of the Hike.