Monday, April 30, 2012

Graduation is on Friday!

I am going to my Commencement and University Convocation on Friday May 4!!!!!
College of Social And Behavioral Science, Undergraduates: 11:15 a.m., Jon M. Huntsman Center

Chelsea Merkley
Human Development & Family Studies Bachelor of Science
Applied Undergraduate Positive Psychology Certificate
Graduate: May 4, 2012!!!!!!!
                                            Portraits Taken at Daybreak Lake by Joe Merkley

                                                  My eyes are closed but Christopher looks cute!
                                                           Isn't he adorable!
                                                                I love my boy!
                                                        Merkley Family!

Silly Face!

My last Exam of my Undergraduate Career is Wednesday! It is over 7 classes!

This is who is speaking at my commencement; Ed Catmull:

This is my updated Domestic Violence Blog

My family and interest blog:

Here is my post on my condition.

Have a great week! And welcome to summer!!!!!! I am going to be home with my baby boy soon!


Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to fight right


I got this information from this article by WSJ Bond Columnist Elizabeth Bernstein

I found it quite insightful.


Thursday, April 26, 2012


This subject is personal, if you do not wish to read it I will not take offense at all; and completely understand.
I may not actually be infertile but I have not been able to have more children in almost 3 years of trying. My son will be 4 in a few months and I have wanted to provide him with a playmate and friend in a sibling since he was about 1 years old.

My dear friend posted this link on Infertility Etiquette; or how to treat friends and couples who have serious problems conceiving.
I find it has really useful and practical information and suggestions.

My friend Kim who used to live in my neighborhood shares her story in her blog about her unsuccessful fertility treatments and the heartache it caused her. I actually felt relieved that I was not the only person with this problem, even though I would not wish it upon anyone. Being able to relate to one another and help each other through life is deeply important to me and I'm proud of her for having the courage and resolve to share such a personal experience. She has encouraged others to share her story and I am happy she is so brave to help others in similar situations through the telling of her story.

I have always felt that I would have many children. We are so lucky to have our son and to be blessed with his spunky, wild and intelligent nature! I love him dearly and always will, and am very grateful I was able to conceive him and that I can nurture him in this life and teach him all the joys that life entails. I feel somewhat complacent feeling that I may not be able to have other children; when many couples I know cannot have even 1. Yet, still there is a pure feeling of sorrow within me. I love children, I have always loved babies, children and babysitting, nannying and taking care of them. I feel that I have always had a maternal nature and I connect with children emotionally. Random toddlers will often walk up to me where ever I am and smile, coo, or gawk at me; some even follow me around. In church when mothers are rocking their babies and quieting them, I can often be seen making funny faces at them and the wonderment in their eyes fills my soul with peace and majesty. My husband will tell you that I kiss my sons' cheeks often and hug him quite a bit. It really helps me see how blessed I am that I have him.

 I am not perfect and there are times when I make mistakes in raising my son; but that is normal and expected in a first-time parent with one child. I am learning every day. How to be more patient. How to try to keep my home cleaner and organized and how to feed my son things other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and macaroni and cheese. We have gotten him to eat eggrolls, Yakisoba and Pork Burritos! He eats surprisingly well for his age and has a uncanny intellect. He is very savvy with technology like his father. Like me he loves socializing with people of any age; and often plays in our neighborhood with his cousins and  with children up to 11 years old who are his friends. He is not afraid of people, and loves everyone. We have to be careful about this trait, and mindful of his whereabouts. He loves to sing and asks me to to sing to him every night. He thinks I am a famous Opera Singer, which makes me feel good.

 He loves cars and is often caught in my car pretending to drive it and honking the horn, playing with the steering wheel and mirrors. We take him to the Zoo, Aqaurium, To City Creek Mall, I read to him in the library and let him check out books. He loves to play soccer, although he thinks it's more like Football and Rugby which is funny. He tackles people with the ball and throws the ball into the goal and away from people. It is so fun to watch! He goes to his practice today and maybe he'll learn that in American Soccer you kick the ball and don't tackle! Silly boy! Love him to bits though!

I am coming to terms with the possibility that I may not be able to have any more children. I am still grieving in my heart and mind and have not yet completed that stage yet. I may adopt in the future, when I feel that I have no chance of conception. I still feel there is some hope and have not given up. I will try to accept whatever future my Heavenly Father; my loving God has for me.

Chelsea Merkley

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Monday, April 16, 2012

Winding Down

I am almost a University of Utah Graduate!
I can hardly believe it! I am so excited!
I ordered my graduation Announcements today!
You will all get them soon!

This is a ring I designed that I think is cool, it's too expensive but looks real fun to have.
I think I am about a 9 o 9 and a half. Not sure yet though. I'll size myself soon.
HDFS Stands for Humand Development and Family Studies.
B.S. Stands for Bachelor of Sciences and Psychology stands for my Applied Positive Psychology Certificate. I think it looks pretty cool.
It is too much to ask from any one person though, but perhaps some combining of resources is possible.

At any rate, I love all of you regardless!

The last few years have been real challenging in my curriculum and studies.
I have loved the friends I have made, and the amazing teachers that have made me who I am.
And the countless opportunities for excellence and growth that I have been a part of, and will continue to change my outlook on life in the years to come.

The loving Choirs and uplifting musicians and directors I have worked with will touch my heart forever.
I will always remember the dear friends I have made and the cultivation of the Holy Spirit and our Testimonies through song in the Institute Singers Group from 2011-2012. My experience in the Concert Choir from 2007-2008 will forever be remembered and looked upon fondly. My love for Vocal Performance, and Music will always remain as my friendship for those I have met and love in Choirs.

Through it all my Mom and Dad and my Step-Family, My sweet brother and loving Sister in law, and darling niece Courtney, my amazing Uncle Todd, and Aunt Karin and Jill and Don and their children, and children's spouses and my In laws the Merkley's and their children (grandchildren, and their children's spouses) have been extremely supportive and loving!

So encouraging and helpful! Giving advice, proof-reading papers, reading blog posts about my school experiences and joy in learning, and love for all things Positive Psychology and happiness, love and forgiveness, listening to me talk and vent and just showing their love for me.

Giving hugs when needed and concern when neccesary, being Mentors and supporting my every move.
I am so blessed to have had such a joyous education which I love so much,
and a fantastic supportive family! I love all my family so much!
My wonderful Step-Grandpa Burt Cassity and his generosity and love to my Grandmother and her posterity is simply selfless and constantly loving! Thank you for all you do for us Burt!

My sisters and brother who I don't often see, but will always love have been kind to me regarding my Educational Endeavors and are very proud of me, and I thank them for their love and congratsulations on my accomplishments.

Yesterday was fun, it was a very long day. I went to a Farewell for Robert's Cousin Derek Merkley in Pleasant View, Utah at 9 AM. Pleasant View is past Ogden, Utah and we live in S. Jordan so it was a very early morning for us and we were really exhausted all day, but had great fun playing with Robert's cousins and his family and eating great food, and chatting with Mike and Erin Merkley and Aunt Pat and Uncle Kent. I loved spending time with Cheryl and Joe Merkley and Ann Merkly, Ruth and Joseph and their children and all of Chad's family and relatives. It was great fun!

We left the festivities around 1:30 and went to drop off sleepy Grandpa Joe at home and spend some time with Grandma Cheryl. Then we left to go home, I had 30 min. to rest before I went to Burt's house and we had a wonderful dinner with such a lovely Family! And received a priceless gift from Burt and a lovely message from him about our sweet Grandma.

I had to leave early to go to my last Institute Fireside at the SL Institute of Religion where I performed stupendous uplifting music to all those in attendance and we had an amazing spiritual experience uplifting one another and growing our talents and charity for God's children.

I got little sleep last night and need to do about 3 projects before Thursday and then one more and then I'm done with my Undergraduate Career! Life is amazing and I am extremely blessed and loved!

I thank my Heavenly Father for his love for me and the charity, love, forgiveness, kindness and joy he has helped me to learn in my life and strive to show to others.

I loved seeing my Mother last week come to my Choir Concert and hear me perform! It was great to see her!

I love hearing from my baby brother and learning his love for others, the selflessness and service he shows to the people where he serves and how he is helping to change the lives of so many, through the direction of the Spirit of the Lord.

I love my Cousins and Aunts and Uncles on the Barker side as well and all the support and love they have shown for me and my family and my accomplishments has been wonderful!

I am so full of love and happiness! Thank you to you all!

Chelsea Merkley

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Having a Heart

I listened to a lecture today for my Psychology class: about a man who has had multiple heart surgeries and was not supposed to live past his first day of life, because his heart did not have the aortic functions one needs to survive without intervention. I listened to the stories of all of his scary and successful surgeries which put pacemakers in him. I learned the joy of having a functioning, fully capable heart is a pure blessing in my life that I have been taking for granted.

I can breathe without the help of a pacemaker or heart surgery. I do not have 10 cancerous tumors in my liver like Randy Pausch had, who was a man who grew from his illness and became stronger, grew in his faith and taught others to achieve their dreams and follow their hearts.

I feel so fascinatingly blessed in this moment, right now, in the present!

I have my family and my home, my loving friends and church community and I have my health.
I have no major health concerns which would take my life.
I have a fully functional brain, mind, and body with no set backs in their functioning.

Life is lovely!
I have many projects and papers to write, Powerpoints to complete and a few Final Exams and a Comprehensive Exam for 7 courses to take. But you know, that's okay! I can do it!

What really matters is the relationships I have and how I act and choose to live my life.

Thank heaven and my Heavenly Father for the divine gift of my body with no disorders or illnesses and the compassion, love and empathy I can emulate from him. I hope to gain more humility and charitable attributes from my Father in Heaven, as a result of finding out more about the important people around me.

Chelsea Merkley

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Favorite talks from LDS Conference

Love your enemies; bless them that curse you, pray for them that hurt you, pray for them that despitefully use you.
The pure love of Christ removes the scales of resentment and wrath. Flawed and imperfect mortals who have potential and worth, because God loves us so much, we must love and FORGIVE each other.

Do you Gossip? Even when what you say is true? Do you exclude, push away or punish others because of something they have done?
Do you wish to cause harm to someone? Stop it!
He that is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone. Let us put down our stones. Be kind, forgive, and talk peacefully with one another. Give and it shall be given unto you. Show

Kindness, peace and charity, return good for evil. Do not seek revenge or wrath for others. If thine enemy hunger feed him, if he be thirsty give him drink, be not overcome with evil, but overcome evil with good. It is the merciful who obtain mercy.

- Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf
My favorite talk from General Conference!

Russell M. Nelson-
My wife and I Express our Gratitude and love to you.
My wife and I visited an Aquarium with lots of colorful vibrant fish. I asked who feeds them. A young women replied; I do. Have they thanked you? She indicated;  Not yet. Likewise, there are people oblivious of their Creator. Who live their lives each day without believing in their Creator, or they believe the earth was a result of a big bang somewhere. Can a printing press print a book by a big explosion? Wouldn't it be wonderful if all the children of God could be aware of God’s providence and love? Let us give thanks to God. God is the Father of our spirit. He has a glorified perfected body of flesh and bone. We were created in the image of God. The necessities of food, water and air were given us as gifts from our Heavenly Father. For these gifts-Thanks, be to God. Marriage and Family are ordained of God. The family is the most important social unit of the kingdom of God. The plan of happiness addresses-the natural yearning for endless association with beloved members of one’s family. My work and my glory is to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man. Whoso believeth in him might not perish, but have everlasting his life. Jesus Christ came to redeem the Lord’s children. Ressurection and immortality became a reality. I am the resurrection and the life, he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. For he that believeth in me shall never die! Thanks be to God!
Our Heavenly Father loves each of his children.
Gift of your own Physical Body, eyes are connected to the brain, the heart, the bodies defense system. In response to infection, responds with antibodies. The body heals its cuts bruises and broken bones. Capacity for reproduction is one of the sacred gifts of God. Great spiritual strength is given to many who are frail and have physical changes. If the body’s capacity for normal function, our creator provided for aging, death is part of life. To return to God through the gateway we call death, is a joy for those who are prepared to meet him. Bodies and spirits, limb and joint will be united again never to be separated again. Our spirits lived in the pre-mortal realm and exists after the body dies; it provides the soul with animation and personality. Your spirit has; love, compassion, kindness, forgiveness. Spiritual strength is Baptism, The gift of the Holy Ghost, The Covenant of Eternal Marriage in the Temple. God is our eternal Father. His son Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. For these Spiritual Gifts, thanks be to God.
Dispensation given by Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ appeared to Jesus Christ. We are under covenenant to teach the gospel to every nation, tongue and people. King Benjamin’s Address--Believe in God, that he is, he created all things in Heaven and in earth. Repent in your sins and forsake them, ask in sincerity in your heart that he forgive you. If you believe in them, see that ye do them.
Access to the atonement helps us to live eternally with God, Jesus Christ and our Families.
For these gifts and covenants-, Thanks be to God.

Ronald A. Rasband- Paxton our Grandson was born with a chromosomal deletion. For reasons unknown some persons are born with disabilities, all of our bodies are subject to disease and death. A perfect body is not needed in this life. Some of the sweetest spirits are espoused in frail frames. With infinite love and everlasting compassion, Heavenly Father loves you and your precious one. Why must we send our loved ones home early? Plan of Happiness, this life is training for eternal exaltation. That process means tests and trials. Trusting in God’s will is central to our mortality. We draw on Christ’s atonement when there are questions and few answers. Have ye any that are sick or afflicted in any manner? Bring them hither, I will heal them. Are there any of you who are afflicted in any way? For I have compassion of you, my bowels are moved with mercy. All the multitude went forth. He did heal them every one as they were brought forth to him. God’s works are being manifested through them. I have a great appreciation for those loving parents who bear heartbreak who has developed a serious mental or physical disability.
The parents submit cheerfully to all the events of the child’s life. The worth of this tiny soul is so great-- to those who were so carefully watching over him. Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God. What the worth of the soul is both physically and spiritually to God.  Mortal Angels and Immortal Angels- being interested in the lives around us. Praying for each other, bringing over meals, doing laundry, taking siblings to their activities, offering hugs and kindness. The overwhelming joy that service and love. One cannot participate in helping others, without experiencing a rich blessing himself. Our caring, loving savior will always be there for us. I will not leave you comfortless. I will come unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
We are all enlisted till the conflict is o’er
Happy are we, Happy are we.
Soldiers in the army, there’s a bright crown in store.
We shall win and wear it by and by
Reach out to those who are afflicted or hurt in any way.

President Monson- Eternal Truths, which will enrich our lives and save our home. People are in a hurry, jet powered air packs, vacations are enjoyed & familes visited. Roadways and railways everywhere carry people everywhere who seem to rush about the business of the day. What should we have for dinner. Should we sign Johnny up for soccer? Slow down and Enjoy life.
Our family is what is really important we can sense it.  This grandmother got her hair done twice a week and cherished her earthly prized possessions. She had little time for her grandchildren, so concerned about her prized possessions. Her mortal life was in jeopardy, she realized what was most precious to her. What matters in our lives how we live it. Lay not for yourselves treasures on earth, but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven. For where your treasure is there will your heart be also. The soul of man reaches heavenward in our times of need. Where did we come from. Why are we here. Where do we go after we leave this life? These questions transcend mortality. We are the offspring of God. The Lord has declared that the spirit and the body are the soul of man. The spirit is the offspring of God. The Father of Spirits. The spirits of all man and others; women and children. Wordsworth; our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting, the soul that riseth with us hath elsewhere setting another star, we come from God who is our own. Heaven lies about us in our infancy. Parents ponder their responsibility to reach and inspire their children. Children and youth ask the question why am I here? We gain an opportunity to prove ourselves in order to qualify for all God has prepared for us to receive. Been given a body of flesh and bones, and the gift of agency. We discern between good and evil. There are consequences attached to our actions. Obedience to God’s commandments, in my father’s house are many mansions. I go to prepare a place for you, that where I am there shall ye be also. The need to reach heavenward for assistance. God our Father and Jesus Christ our Lord have marked the way to perfection. Beckon us to the eternities and to become perfect as they are perfect. Let us run with patience the race that is before. The prize belongs to him who endures to the end.
We have been provided divine attributes to guide our journey. We have been given the power to think, reason and to achieve. Receive from our Heavenly Father Guidance to insure our safe return. The words of the Lord and the words of the Prophets to help us successfully cross our mortal mission. The pain of sickness, the failing of summer, the approach of autumn, the chill of winter, and the experience of death. If a man die, shall he live again? The question always return. Death comes to all mankind. Comes to the aged. Sometimes it hushes the laughter of little children. Is death the end of all?
It is she, and yet it is not she. It is changed, she is not the same. What could be gone, if it not the soul. Death is not what some people imagine. It is like going to another room. Where we greet our brothers and sisters and friends who have gone before. The spirits of all man, whether they be good or evil are taken home to that God that gave them life. The spirits of the righteous are received in happiness called paradise, where they shall rest from all their troubles, care and sorrow.
Why seek ye the living among the dead. He is not here for he is risen. We shall all be resurrected. Celestial Glory we seek, the presence of God we desire to dwell, a forever family in which we want membership.