Monday, April 16, 2012

Winding Down

I am almost a University of Utah Graduate!
I can hardly believe it! I am so excited!
I ordered my graduation Announcements today!
You will all get them soon!

This is a ring I designed that I think is cool, it's too expensive but looks real fun to have.
I think I am about a 9 o 9 and a half. Not sure yet though. I'll size myself soon.
HDFS Stands for Humand Development and Family Studies.
B.S. Stands for Bachelor of Sciences and Psychology stands for my Applied Positive Psychology Certificate. I think it looks pretty cool.
It is too much to ask from any one person though, but perhaps some combining of resources is possible.

At any rate, I love all of you regardless!

The last few years have been real challenging in my curriculum and studies.
I have loved the friends I have made, and the amazing teachers that have made me who I am.
And the countless opportunities for excellence and growth that I have been a part of, and will continue to change my outlook on life in the years to come.

The loving Choirs and uplifting musicians and directors I have worked with will touch my heart forever.
I will always remember the dear friends I have made and the cultivation of the Holy Spirit and our Testimonies through song in the Institute Singers Group from 2011-2012. My experience in the Concert Choir from 2007-2008 will forever be remembered and looked upon fondly. My love for Vocal Performance, and Music will always remain as my friendship for those I have met and love in Choirs.

Through it all my Mom and Dad and my Step-Family, My sweet brother and loving Sister in law, and darling niece Courtney, my amazing Uncle Todd, and Aunt Karin and Jill and Don and their children, and children's spouses and my In laws the Merkley's and their children (grandchildren, and their children's spouses) have been extremely supportive and loving!

So encouraging and helpful! Giving advice, proof-reading papers, reading blog posts about my school experiences and joy in learning, and love for all things Positive Psychology and happiness, love and forgiveness, listening to me talk and vent and just showing their love for me.

Giving hugs when needed and concern when neccesary, being Mentors and supporting my every move.
I am so blessed to have had such a joyous education which I love so much,
and a fantastic supportive family! I love all my family so much!
My wonderful Step-Grandpa Burt Cassity and his generosity and love to my Grandmother and her posterity is simply selfless and constantly loving! Thank you for all you do for us Burt!

My sisters and brother who I don't often see, but will always love have been kind to me regarding my Educational Endeavors and are very proud of me, and I thank them for their love and congratsulations on my accomplishments.

Yesterday was fun, it was a very long day. I went to a Farewell for Robert's Cousin Derek Merkley in Pleasant View, Utah at 9 AM. Pleasant View is past Ogden, Utah and we live in S. Jordan so it was a very early morning for us and we were really exhausted all day, but had great fun playing with Robert's cousins and his family and eating great food, and chatting with Mike and Erin Merkley and Aunt Pat and Uncle Kent. I loved spending time with Cheryl and Joe Merkley and Ann Merkly, Ruth and Joseph and their children and all of Chad's family and relatives. It was great fun!

We left the festivities around 1:30 and went to drop off sleepy Grandpa Joe at home and spend some time with Grandma Cheryl. Then we left to go home, I had 30 min. to rest before I went to Burt's house and we had a wonderful dinner with such a lovely Family! And received a priceless gift from Burt and a lovely message from him about our sweet Grandma.

I had to leave early to go to my last Institute Fireside at the SL Institute of Religion where I performed stupendous uplifting music to all those in attendance and we had an amazing spiritual experience uplifting one another and growing our talents and charity for God's children.

I got little sleep last night and need to do about 3 projects before Thursday and then one more and then I'm done with my Undergraduate Career! Life is amazing and I am extremely blessed and loved!

I thank my Heavenly Father for his love for me and the charity, love, forgiveness, kindness and joy he has helped me to learn in my life and strive to show to others.

I loved seeing my Mother last week come to my Choir Concert and hear me perform! It was great to see her!

I love hearing from my baby brother and learning his love for others, the selflessness and service he shows to the people where he serves and how he is helping to change the lives of so many, through the direction of the Spirit of the Lord.

I love my Cousins and Aunts and Uncles on the Barker side as well and all the support and love they have shown for me and my family and my accomplishments has been wonderful!

I am so full of love and happiness! Thank you to you all!

Chelsea Merkley

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