Friday, December 7, 2012

Family Foto

Dear Family and Friends,

If you have not received a Yearly Family Picture by mail and would like one from us,
please let me know in the comments or by email.
I have 20 that need to be sent out.

I started work on Oct. 3 and my son has been having a hard time adjusting to his Mommy working out of the home. I've had a hard time adjusting too, I miss my baby boy and want to spend more time with him, but I'm thankful and grateful for the position that I've been able to secure. I've already got a raise and am moving up in the company so, my prospects are looking fantastic!

It took some practice for me to learn how to work in a Law Firm as a Paralegal in a call center.
But, the quality Client Relations I give is a good key, as well as the fact that my statistics for calls per hour and call in a day, as well as Escalations (Assertive correspondence with Credit Bureaus and Lenders, on behalf of clients, which is commission for me) is definately a good sign.

I got my name put in a drawing for a free Mini Ipad for 4 categories.  That's definately good news. I'm learning how to help clients better and in different ways, everyday.

Christopher is 4 and loving Preschool.
He is getting used to Mommy working and Daddy at home.

Here are his Preschool Pictures

Robert cleaned my kitchen spotless today and was able to do lots of laundry and most of the items on my honey-do list.:)
Robert is working hard in school to try to get into the Master's Program for Information Systems. The Prereqs are brutal, as far as Business Statistics that he is in right now.
He has finals next week. This week we are trying to get a tree A REAL PINE TREE this year! And get it up with the decorations and lights, ornaments and all of the Christmas spirit up.

Christopher is having some trouble in school with following directions and sometimes being physical with other kids and his teacher as he gets frustrated. We think because he is a very tactile boy that giving him some extra excercise time and extra fine motor skill time can help him remedy this situation. He is the oldest in his class. So, he needs to be setting an example for his other classmates. He has a hard time conveying emotions as most toddlers and preschool kids too, when he feels sad, tension, confused or just needs some attention he may act out negatively to receive this attention- whether it's good or bad attention. He is smart and loves to look at books and make up stories and use his imagination and run outside and play with friends. Structured play helps him behave better. Free play time, is hard for him. He has so many choices and is not sure what to do, with the available stimulus he may become stressed- if you know what I mean.

I understand with the transition with Mommy working and Daddy in school and at home, he is adjusting to a new schedule and it's challenging for him. He wants to be independent and make his own decisions. He's extremely intelligent for his age cognitively and he excels in fine motor and gross motor skills, he loves to build blocks and make towers and legos. He just needs to learn to sit still and do what he's told a little better. 

If you have any suggestions on how to assist him with this, please comment below or send me an email.

Hope you're having a great month!