Friday, June 27, 2014

Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, LDS Temple and MET and Museum of Natural History

View of Battery Park and Manhattan from The Hudson Bay

I love how the Memorial Tower stands very tall

Gorgous Lady Liberty on Liberty Island

The City View from the Pedestal

We got there the 19 and went to Liberty Island the same day after not sleeping for 2 nights. So we look tired, for good reason. At least I look tired.

A Candid Shot

The city looks pretty behind me

The city looks very nice behind us

View up from the Pedestal

Beautiful Lady Liberty

                                                                     Us at Ellis Island
The Registration Room Floor 2

Us on floor 2 The Registration Floor

Central Park

Lots of cool rocks to climb

We caught a squirrel on the run Robert took these photos

One of many cool tunnels in Central Park

The Beautiful NYC Temple near Central Park

It's a Multi-Use Church Building

We are on the 3rd Floor which is the Stake Center

View from the MET Roof

The Views from the MET Museum Rooftop

Robert took this not sure where it is- but these boats were racing I think it was in Central Park somewhere
MET Museum Exhibits

The whole 4th Floor had all sorts of Ancient Dinosaur and Early Mammal Bones

I only had about 30 minutes so we took lots of pictures

Robert was able to see more of the Museums while I was in a 5 hour Rehearsal

Central Park near the MET Museum

Egypt Exhibits

Van Gogh

I liked the Greek and Roman Mythology and The European Art

Times Square

At the Phantom of the Opera 

The Chandelier going up during intermission

In a Metro, a not as crowded one as usual

But, still pretty crowded no where to sit for Robert

Central Park Vistas

I loved this Show, it's Robert's Favorite! We had Prime Seats!

George Washington and Company Crossing a Frozen River

I like this one, but some of it is because it seems she may be on a cell phone.

Julius Caesar Bust

Greek and Roman God and Goddess

Joan of Arc

Van Gogh

I love Monet!

Van Gogh

Van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh


Van Gogh


Monet most likely from his Garden at Giverny

Beautiful Impressionist Work




I love the flowingness of Renoir

A Lady and her Family by Renoir

Diana The Greek and Roman Goddess Bust

Diana's Body above

Venus the Goddess of Love

I love Art so much! I had such a great trip!