Friday, June 13, 2014

I turned 30 on Monday! My Birthday Celebrations

Opening my presents

We Watched this Willa Wonka and The Chocolate Factory a few nights after I got it. I love this version!

I love the Mickey Mouse Hot Cocoa Cup! And my Mickey Measuring Cups!

Two pairs of Cool New Glasses for the Summer

His 1/4 Cup of Hot Cocoa

                                                                    Isn't he cute?
                                                     We had fun with my new measuring cups!

I was able to go to get Ice Cream with my baby Bro. Howie earlier the week before my birthday with the family. That was fun! Loved it!
I was able to go with Robert out to Dinner with my Dad and Step-Mom to celebrate my birthday. That was so nice thanks Dad and Leah! And I got a phone call from my big brother to wish me happy birthday and from my Mom and my Aunt Tina and her kids that are with her right now. 
My big Sister sent me a sweet message for my birthday, thank you!
Robert took me out to Macaroni Grill on my birthday it was so yummy! I got sung to in Italian and had really good food! Cheryl and Joe gave me a Gift Card to Olive Garden we are going tomorrow! Yum! Thanks Cheryl and Joe Merkley!

I got lots of birthday shout outs and messages on Social Media and I loved it! Thanks for all the Love!
30 has been great so far! I also got sweet Cards and gifts from my Dad, Leah and from My Step Grandpa Burt. I love my family! Thank you!

Love, Chelsea

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