Saturday, October 29, 2011


In my Positive Psychology Class this is what I wrote about how I want to be remembered after I pass on to the next life;

She was a kind woman, and a loyal friend.
She always kept secrets; except when the person telling them was in danger.
She was a very good listener and genuinely cared about the well being of her family and dear friends.
She showed a deep affection and love for babies and children and loved playing with them and raising them.
She enjoyed teaching young children in her church about the Gospel.
She learned more from her son, then she attempted to teach him.
She learned how to forgive those who offended her, and tried to be courteous, assertive, yet tactful to those who threatened her or her family.
She attempted to create a family environment that was a refuge free of fear or anguish. 

She wanted her children to come home to a sanctuary free from the cares of the world.
She listened intently to her children and kept daily journals of their developmental milestones.
She lived well, laughed often and loved much. 
She traveled often and enjoyed sharing the company with her friends and those who love her.
She loved to sing praises to her God in Church, School Choirs and in her community.

She always had a song in her heart and in her mind. 
She loved to sing solos and share her gift with others.
She wanted to help others feel the Holy Spirit and feel peace and joy through bearing her testimony in song.
She loved to Praise the Lord in Church through song.
She possessed a joy for writing and poetry. 
She wanted to give her posterity the gift of her history and free her emotions through writing.
She learned to forgive herself and was always attempting to forgive others.
She loved to learn and always was reading books, learning a new instrument or attempting to train her voice or range to become better.
She loved her children and family and knows she will be with them again. 

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Robert's 30th Birthday

Yesterday Robert turned 30! And I am still 27!
My son and I had a long nap which was great
and we went to Happy Sumo at the River Woods in Provo.
Because I have an aversion to the one in the Gateway.
Here are his birthday pictures.

                                                           Daddy cutting his cake

                                  At Happy Sumo, He saw football on and said GO UTES with a BYU shirt on ha ha!
                                              He loved the Tempura Veggies and the Noodles
                                               Robert with his Firecracker Sushi Roll
                                                     Putting it in his mouth

                                                                  Firecracker roll
                                                             A silly family photo
                                                          A Better Family Photo
                                                              Fudge Roll Ice Cream Cake
                                                        Daddy and Christopher

                                                        Trying to steal the cherries!
                                                             "Cheeseburger Pizza"

                                                   Christopher helped him blow out the candles!

                                                      Licking the chocolate off the candle.

Christopher said Happy Birthday Daddy and Happy 30th Birthday Daddy a lot today! It was so cute!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Zoo 10-11-2011

We went to the Zoo Today!

 On the Train at the Zoo!
                                                               Excited for it to start!
                                                     Daddy, Christopher and the Elephants

                                                          Happy to see the Rhinos!

                                                           Sitting on the Bronze Fake Rhino
                                                           His "Cheese" Faces are pretty cute.

                                                           I love this photo of him so cute!
                                                             Standing by the Gorilla Statue

                                                           Another "Say Cheese" face!

Hope you all had a great Day Today!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Slideshow of the U Game yesterday

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Game Day

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Game Day

Today was awesome! Our family got to go onto the Field at Rice-Eccles Stadium and watch the Band play the Pre-Game Show. We even got to run out onto part of the field with them! It was wonderful! We even got to dance the Hokey Pokey and sing the UTAH chant with the UTE BAND! It was a great day!
                                  My Family on the U Field

                                                       Lining Up
                                                 National Anthem
                                                Merkley's By the Ute Band!
                                                              My sweet boy!
                                              Hamming it up for the Camera
                                                      With the Ute Dancers!

My son said today; "Dolphins have big mouths and they eat people!"
 I replied; "They have big mouths but they eat fish." He insisted again that they eat people. He was laughing when he said this.

He said today;"When I get older I want to play in the Band." "They sound really good, that's a good band." He was commenting on the sound of the Ute Band. I told him my Dad said he'd play the Drums, Flute or Saxaphone when he's older. This part is hilarious. "I want to play the Sexaphone." Mommy and Daddy; "Saxaphone." My son says again; "Sexaphone", he was really trying to say Saxaphone. Then Robert said; "Just say Sax." Christopher said; "Sex." I was laughing really hard, so was Robert.

Then we changed the subject and told him Mommy played the flute. "I'm going to play the Flute too."

"Open the door, me can't see! Don't shut my door! NO SHUT MY DOOR DADDY! Pweaaaaasssse?" Then within 2 minutes he was out cold, in parent's terms that means asleep. He was being naughty for his Daddy so Daddy shut his door.

Goodnight all! I'm so sad the Utes lost so bad today! But, we got to see an awesome part of the game!
Final score 35 ASU- 14 Utes :(, 5 turn overs!


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Latest Happenings

Goodness Gracious! Since last post, (Sept. 29) I have found out I have a Bacterial Infection and gotten on antibiotics and I am still sick, but tomorrow I'll be better enough to go to class finally. I haven't been able to go to choir since last Thursday which makes me sad, because I could hardly talk let alone sing.
 Christopher was sick with the same thing before I got it! And I have gotten 2 hours of sleep last night and for about 9 days straight. Well, I think to of those nights I may have gotten 4 hours of sleep.
For some reason my brain won't stop turning and thinking and my ears listen to every noise when I'm trying to rest. It's getting really hard to function! So, right now I pretty much feel like a zombie. I want to go to the store and get the laundry done. I have hardly any energy at all to do it! But, I did finish my Homework! So that's a plus!