Thursday, October 27, 2011

Robert's 30th Birthday

Yesterday Robert turned 30! And I am still 27!
My son and I had a long nap which was great
and we went to Happy Sumo at the River Woods in Provo.
Because I have an aversion to the one in the Gateway.
Here are his birthday pictures.

                                                           Daddy cutting his cake

                                  At Happy Sumo, He saw football on and said GO UTES with a BYU shirt on ha ha!
                                              He loved the Tempura Veggies and the Noodles
                                               Robert with his Firecracker Sushi Roll
                                                     Putting it in his mouth

                                                                  Firecracker roll
                                                             A silly family photo
                                                          A Better Family Photo
                                                              Fudge Roll Ice Cream Cake
                                                        Daddy and Christopher

                                                        Trying to steal the cherries!
                                                             "Cheeseburger Pizza"

                                                   Christopher helped him blow out the candles!

                                                      Licking the chocolate off the candle.

Christopher said Happy Birthday Daddy and Happy 30th Birthday Daddy a lot today! It was so cute!

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