Saturday, October 29, 2011


In my Positive Psychology Class this is what I wrote about how I want to be remembered after I pass on to the next life;

She was a kind woman, and a loyal friend.
She always kept secrets; except when the person telling them was in danger.
She was a very good listener and genuinely cared about the well being of her family and dear friends.
She showed a deep affection and love for babies and children and loved playing with them and raising them.
She enjoyed teaching young children in her church about the Gospel.
She learned more from her son, then she attempted to teach him.
She learned how to forgive those who offended her, and tried to be courteous, assertive, yet tactful to those who threatened her or her family.
She attempted to create a family environment that was a refuge free of fear or anguish. 

She wanted her children to come home to a sanctuary free from the cares of the world.
She listened intently to her children and kept daily journals of their developmental milestones.
She lived well, laughed often and loved much. 
She traveled often and enjoyed sharing the company with her friends and those who love her.
She loved to sing praises to her God in Church, School Choirs and in her community.

She always had a song in her heart and in her mind. 
She loved to sing solos and share her gift with others.
She wanted to help others feel the Holy Spirit and feel peace and joy through bearing her testimony in song.
She loved to Praise the Lord in Church through song.
She possessed a joy for writing and poetry. 
She wanted to give her posterity the gift of her history and free her emotions through writing.
She learned to forgive herself and was always attempting to forgive others.
She loved to learn and always was reading books, learning a new instrument or attempting to train her voice or range to become better.
She loved her children and family and knows she will be with them again. 

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