Sunday, October 28, 2012

U of U vs Cal State 2012 and my sweet niece Kate!

                           Daddy blowing out his candle with his parents and Christopher and I

                                                   Utes blackout game huddle, during a time-out

                                                          Fun with Grandpa Clark!

                                                        My niece Kate born on Game Day!
                                              Birthday Ice Cream with Daddy on his Birthday (Friday Oct. 26, 2012)

                                             Madenline's Steaks with my Dad and Step Family

                                                      For Robert's 31st Birthday
                                             Nummy Bday lunch with Dad, Leah and Shauntae
                                             Dad's on the phone with Karin regarding the U game.

                                                              Yay Blackout Game!
                                                  We love the Band they look fantastic!

                Seeing this phenomenal Marching band makes me miss my Grandmother: Gram Gram Very Much
                                                      Cheering the UTES ON!

                                                       My little Junior Muss Man.

                                                     Christopher took this picture

                                                         Eeerie wolf moon

                                                     He thinks his cool mittens are punching gloves

                                                         Having a Grand Old Time!
Me and my baby

                                                               GO UTES Blackout Game!
                                            Go Utes!!!!!!!  At one point he said " Go BYUtes!" that made me laugh!

                                          Grandpa Clark and Christopher enjoying the Football game!

                                                           I love my Christopher!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Robert is 31!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

                                                      Mikado with the Merkley's
                                             Christopher eat Jumbo Breaded Shrimp and loved it!

                                               He's trying Tempura Shrimp Sushi- it's cooked.
                                                   Seaweed and all! He loves it!

                                                                   Robert is 31!
                                                           And a Pre-Business Major at the U
                                   Attempting to get into Grad School in Information Systems in the near future.              
                                    OOoooo my lil boy pretending to be a ghost to Halloween Music

                                                    Now he's a ZOMBIE!

                                                        Christopher took this picture of me.
                                                            Custard Pie for Robert's Bday cake.

                                                            Christopher blew out the candles.
                                                            Opening Presents

                                                      8-14 year old toys for a 31 year old.