Thursday, October 18, 2012

California Fun

During my Husband's fall break we decided we should take Christopher to Disneyland and Disney's California Adventure because we had promised him we would after he was potty trained.

The only problem was I could not go because I am working Full Time now at a Law Firm and for the first
at least 90 days there is no time off while you are trained and evaluated.
So, I decided to work while they went and had fun.

                                       We had free tickets to Legoland- Aunt Elena went with them

                                                                 The Beach

                                                                        Lego Pirate
                                                        Bubs with a Lego Jack-O-Lantern!
                                                          Aunt Elena and Christopher
                                                             Disneyland Mickey Cookie

                                                            Tow Mater

                                                                Cars Land

                                                  Mommy used to be Best Friends with Flik

                                                                 Walt Disney and my Family


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