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Fishers of Men

Come Follow Jesus



First Presidency Announcement

September 12, 2012
To: General Authorities; General Auxiliary Presidencies; Area Seventies; Stake, Mission, and District Presidents; Bishops and Branch Presidents
Dear Brothers and Sisters:
We are pleased to announce a new curriculum for Young Men and Young Women and for youth Sunday School classes. The new curriculum integrates basic gospel doctrines, as well as principles for teaching in the Savior's way that are also being introduced into the seminary curriculum. The focus is on strengthening and building faith, conversion, and testimony, using the most current teachings of the General Authorities and general auxiliary presidencies.
The curriculum initially will be available online in 23 languages, beginning in January 2013, and will replace the existing manuals. Additional information will be provided in upcoming area council, coordinating council, and local stake and ward training meetings.
We are confident the new curriculum will bless youth in their efforts to become fully converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Sincerely yours,
Thomas S. Monson
Henry B. Eyring
Dieter F. Uchtdorf
The First Presidency    

Missionary work

Elder Hales and Elder Holland- Christian Service
Christian Forgiveness
Christian Sacrifice
Come Follow Me
Elder Holland- Isn't it clear, If I want fish I can get Fish?
Feed my Lambs, Feed my Sheep.
I need Disciples, have faith. Love me and keep my commandments.
But remember, if ye love me, feed my sheep.
Be more like Christ
Care for all of his children.
No matter what race, creed, religion or culture they are.
We are all children of God.

Richard G Scott- make time for Temple Service
Geneological Indexing story
Serve as proxys for their ancestors
12 million names are reserved
Please share them so others can do their work
Submit the names to the temple so their work can be done
Temple Name Submissions
Geneology begins with love
This work is a spiritual work- monumental work of both sids of the veil.
Feeling Wonderful

Russel G. Osgulthorpe

New Resources for Youth
Christ taught truth
Always listened to others
Young Men & Women learn to excercise Faith and hope

Conversion- Lifelong quest to become conversion
Knowing- doing and becoming
When we teach others know
Invite them to learn- we learn and do
And being converting

God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son.

What is forgiveness to me?
Story about young man assisting autistic young man to teach, and how they both learned, were edified and served as well as were doing the work.

Draw upon scriptures to strengthen testimonies and Faith.

The Pathway to conversion sometimes can be long and hard. A man was less active for 50 years. His hometeacher faithfully sent him post cards every year for 22 years. He made the choice to come back to the fold shortly before his late 60's. He had to make the choice to come back, but he he had plenty of help, loving guidance and hope along the way.

We can return to our himes and PONDER what was said. And pray for guidance. The Lord will strengthen us. When doubt comes we will stand and be truly converted.

Marcus B. Nash is talking about Wainu Pichu up Machu Pichu.
He's  giving great allegories of how some people can fall off Wainu because they stray from the path and do not use the cables to keep them on the right trail. Some lose their lives because they stray from the narrow path. He gave pictures of the trail. And allegory of the Gospel and staying on the path. I really love this talk.

Principle of action and power
Gospel- Hope of good things to come 
Divine Protection
Do not discard faith
Nurture faith as the anchor to your soul
Faith precedes Miracles
Endure  in Faith against all odds.

Fear distracts from Faith. 
Look unto the Lord- Faith & Trust in the Lord.

Sin diminishes the spirit in our lives.
Touch not the unclean thing- and try to be diligent in keeping the commandments.
If you have sinned- use the atonement.The Savior's atonement will purify you, the Lord will help us withstand every challenge.

Faith=Hope, challenge and power.

Anchor you and your loved ones and his Gospel, ( The Savior) The Rock of your Redeemer. Just as the cables are anchoring the rocks on Wainu Pichu.

As President Monson has said, "The future is as bright as your faith."

Daniel L. Johnson

After we are baptized we are Christ's Disciples
Bounteous Harvest
Crop frozen
Friends served their neighbors and brought starter plants, cared and cultivated them so crops could grow- and families could be fed.
Service is a warm and compassionate feeling. It is Christ-Like Love.

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