Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Celebrations 2011

Plundering Pirates from Nana & Grandpa!

                                                          Oh this is my Stocking from Santa!
Mario Bros. Gummies!


                                                          Aunt Karin & Uncle Todd's House
                                                        All the boy's! :)

                                  My Jeep from Grandpa Joe & Grandma Cheryl & Elena & Dave!

                                                        Cruisin' in his New Jeep!

                            He shot the Pirate Canon right at the camera and hit it! Good thing it's Shock Proof!
                                                    Santa got me Lightning McQueen Dishes!

                          Transformer Toys from Santa! Optimus Prime Heatwave & Bumblebee!
                                                      Smile upon Discovery of the....
                                                       Helicopter! " Yay! I always wanted this!"
                                     What a fun Helicopter for our lil guy! Playing with Grandpa!
                                                            Disneyland Kinect Game
                                                            Opening his huge presents!
                                                     Wow! Oh my heavens! A Jeep!
                    And a John Deere Tractor with a Trailer! What fun! My goodness he's spoiled this year!
                                                            Isn't he cute?
                                        He put the bow on his head himself, his idea. Said he was being a mean guy.

                                                               Tractor Driving!

                                                              The Girl's!          

                                         All of the Women! I love my Cook's, Wiscomb's & Burbidge's!

                                                   Silly Picture! I love my sweet, darling Niece!
                                                    Kisses for Robert! Tickles for my lovable Niece!

All the Guys! My lil guy looks so grown up!
                                                      Jeep's are Off Road Vehicle's Right?

                                                              Zoom Zoom!
                                                      Concentrating on Driving!

                                                   All smiles with his fancy Jeep! Happy as a Clam!
                                      "I'm a Farmer! I got a Tractor! Beep Beep! Where it's horn?"
                                         Grandpa Joe; Tractor's don't have horns.
                                             "Oh, Tractor's have no  BEEP BEEPS!?"
                                          Grandpa Joe; No, they don't come with them.
                                               "Oh ok."
                                                               Pushing the Tractor up the hill!

                                      Taking Lucy for a spin in the Tractor, Lucy is his Cousin's dog.
                                                                  I love my son!
                                                                Feliz Navidad Ornament!
                                              Santa sings! Grandpa Joe let him hang it on the tree!
                                                                     I love my sweet niece!
                    Toddlers are funny, his Cousin is playing keep away and he's not happy. I worked it out between them, at least this situation, but it was really cute to capture his Cousin's facial expression.

                                                               Cousins Playing Pirates Together!
     Last week my baby boy was giving me a kiss as we all made popcorn in our Air Popcorn Maker!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family Christmas Card 2011

With Love Christmas Card
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