Monday, December 5, 2011

First Presidency Christmas Devotional

                                                        Listening to the Choir Warm Up
                                                                    They sounded amazing!
                                                     The Stage before the Devotional began
                                             At the Conference Center Christmas Devotional

                                              The temple reflecting with the Manger Scene and Lights

                                                     Dec. 4, 2011 Robert and I SL Temple

                                                            Christmas Lights and Holy Temple
                                                                        I love this photo!
                                                             Robert and I by the SL Temple

                     To watch the devotional click the following link;

To see the new Free Bible Videos click the following link;

To watch an Introduction to the Bible Videos click the following link;

I loved the messages shared and the videos made me cry because I felt the Spirit so strong!

May we all have the true Spirit of Christmas with us this season!

Love, Chelsea


  1. Love your pictures Chelsea! Miss you!

  2. Thanks Truman, miss you too! I really miss VA and B.V.! How is it up there? How is your wife?