Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Gingerbread Houses And Aquarium

                                                                Our Gingerbread House
                               With a Gingerbread Santa! Christopher put the Candy on the roof!
                                       We didn't get a lot of the windows done but that's okay!

 It was fun!

                                      Courtney and Christopher playing Guns and Telescopes
                                   Robert ducking to not get hit by Christopher flying the Helicopter
                                                              Whoa! The Helicopter!
                                                        Counting his fingers. I love you my boy!
                   Oh I forgot the stingrays let's go see the River Stingrays! They're over here! He was right.

                                                                River Stingrays.
                                                            Looking at their gills and mouths

                                     Sleeping Octopus. It's pretty cool! The red exit signs were not though.
                      He had to ask if he was bigger than all the Penguins on the wall. So cute.
                                  The last one I had to say no to because it's still bigger than him by quite a bit.

                                    We've had an eventful day today! I took one book back to the Red Zone store
                                             In Sandy, I took some lights back to Walmart, we went to the Aquarium.
                                                        We went to Noodles for Lunch and now he's taking a nap.

                                                           Because we are seeing the Zoo Lights tonight!

Love, Chels

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