Thursday, September 29, 2011


I am struggling typing this our family has been ill for the past week. I became ill 2 nights ago and have caught what my son has had. A bad fever, cough and stuffy nose. I have not been able to rest for 4 nights. I have had minimum sleep. I've tried to take sleeping pills and medication for my symptoms but nothing has eased my mind and body to give me peaceful rest, in 4 nights!

I feel like a zombie, and I feel like my dark circles around my eyes don't lie either.

 I don't sleep walk but I feel like I've been going through life like this for 4 nights, as a zombie like person on auto pilot. It has not been fun. I did manage to get 3 and a half hours of sleep this morning thanks to my mother in law who helped with my son today! Thank heavens!

This is true my son and I have had a fever and my husband has insanely early classes which don't help my sleep patterns. Also, a child disrupting parents tries to sleep happens frequently and anxiety and depression or those with Psychological imbalances suffer more from fatigue as a result of their illness and also ocassionally as side effects from medication.

I hope to sleep tonight. Chelsea

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