Sunday, September 4, 2011

Labor Day Weekend Fun

Well, this Labor Day Weekend has been eventful, filled to the brim with activities for our family to do!
On Friday we drove up near Coalville and Camped Out for a night in the outdoors! We borrowed a tent from my in laws and slept in a tent with just the tent, sleeping bags and dirty ground! I had to have my hubbs grab me 2 extra blankets out of our trunk since it was so freezing! I am so thankful for my home and our heater and also my soft warm bed! I don't like sleeping outside with bugs and scary animals which rustle around my tent in the night! I was so scared! My son got super dirty and all our clothes smelled like dirt and the outdoors! I washed them all when we got home!

It was for the Merkley Family Reunion. I met quite a few people of his extended Family that I've never met before, had some pretty yummy scones, mountain man breakfast and Marty, Mike and  Aunt Pat and Uncle Kent brought Subway for Lunch which was good but swarmed by thousands of bees of which Aunt Pat got a few stings from:( I met Erin, Robert's Cousin Mike's Wife and his cousin Mike again. Ruth and Joseph Merkley and their kids were there as well. I talked with her and Robert's Cousin Heather about the GRE and how hard the test is, which they've both taken it. Christopher had a fun Birthday party with a Dinosaur cake and played with little Reid and all of Ruth and Joseph's kids. The campground had bathrooms with toilets but they were kind of dirty, and had cement ground so felt gross. Definately lot upper par, i would prefer to have stayed in a 5 star Hotel or Lodge, or at worst a Camper or RV but we own none of those and can't really afford a lavish 5 star hotel anyway. We were fortunate enough to have sleeping bags, a tent and blankets and didn't fall asleep until around midnight. An air mattress would've been a bit more comfy but that's okay. I can say I roughed it for a night and a day.

I really enjoyed the 4 wheeling which I had never done before! Christopher loved it as well! I got so dirty on one but it was really very fun!

We had some birthday celebrations yesterday where my son got presents from my Dad and his wife and her kids, and also today Robert and I gave our gifts to Christopher. So he's had 3 days of celebrating his birthday. Including his actual birthday. Pretty fun huh?

                                                         Cars 2 Coloring Book!
                                 Happy Birthday To You by Dr. Seuss! From Mommy and Daddy!
                                                    Cars 2 Coloring book too!
Pretending to read the Nose Book! From Mom and Dad

                                                           PAC 12 Utah shirt for Robert
                                                         Playing shooting sound effects games
                                                               Wii gun profile
                                                          Birthday Cake!
                                                          Happy 3rd Birthday!
                                                               My little sniper

                                                          Cutie Cousins & step siblings
                                                      Singing Happy Birthday to my lil guy!

                                                       Waiting to blow his candles out.
                                                          He blew them out with spit!
                                                              Cute Courtney

                                                             Here Christopher!
                                                                What is it?
                                                               Your very own backpack!
                                 Shaunna sewed it onto the bag for him! Thanks Shaunna! And Sharon embroidered it!                                      Thanks Sharon!
                                                            1 last big surprise!
                                                     Wow! Your very own bike Christopher!
                                                                  A balance bike!

Mmmmm Cake!
                                                                 PAC 12 U shirt
                                       Playing with Grandpa and his new bike while his darling cousin plays too.
                                                       Grandpa Burbidge and Nana Leah

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