Monday, September 5, 2011

Merkley Reunion & Christopher's Birthday Celebration!

                                         This is the tent we slept in on Friday night, Thanks Cheryl and Joe!
                                          Little Reid and Christopher Roasting Hot Dogs with Joe.
                                                                 Cute Reid.
                                                       Dinosaur Birthday Cake!

                                                            Mommy and Christopher!
                                                                 Chocolate Face!
                                                                  Mischevious face!
                                         Opening his presents from Grandma and Grandpa Merkley!
                                                            A tool workshop!
                                                           Like Bob the Builder!
                                                       What is it?
                                                           A Cars Blanket!

Yay Lightnin McQueen!
                                                                Darling Baby Izzy
                                              Who woke up bright and early at 7 am? In our tent?
                                                      Playing Swordfighting at the campsite!
                                            Birthday 4 Wheeling! Yay! 1st time ever for Christopher!
                                                             He's ready to drive!

                                                        My Baby is already 3!
                                                                 My hubbs 4 wheeling.

                                                                 Family 4 Wheeling!
                                                                 Here we go!
                                                          Grandma, Christopher and Aunt Pat.
                                                           Merkley Reunion fun.
                                                        Erin and Mike Merkley by all the food.

                                                                 Blowing out his candles!
                                                         Being a Bear, but Reid's not scared!

                                                  Reid fighing the bad guys, or his shadow.
                                                            kids playing

                                                          playing at the campground

                                                            Silly Boys!

                                                             My Happy 3 year old!

This weekend Fri. night to Saturday afternoon was the first time I'd been camping since I was 13! We went up near Coalville to Frienship Manor or Meadows or something and camped out for a night for the Annual Merkley Reunion Party! We got really dirty! Especially Christopher and all our clothes had to be washed when we got home! It was very fun to see all of the Merkley clan for a short time! I survived camping out in the wild! Friday night I was so scared of bears, mountain lions or cougars,etc because I could hear things around our tent! Cheryl and Ann said there might have been racoons or squirrels out and that's it! I was still scared! But slept okay. When I wasn't hearing a little kid scream in the middle of the night, not mine by the way. 

Overall, we had a fun time. I may go again. I would like a 5 star hotel or Lodge better but you get what you get! And we can't afford that anyways. It was a great birthday celebration for Christopher and he had fun with all his relatives! Chelsea


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