Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Marvelous Work

I had a Quiz yesterday that I studied for very hard for 2 previous days before the Quiz for. There was a lot of material to remember about assessment in teaching young children and I was very nervous as my Professor was handing out the Quiz. So, as quietly as I could I said a prayer in my heart to help me remember all I studied so hard for and everything which i'd heard and listened to in class. I asked for my mind to be clear of all other worries and it was made clear so I could remember! I'm not sure of the results but I'm sure I aced the Quiz! That was a magnificent feeling!

Also, I sing with the SL Institute of Religion Institute Singers and today we sang renditions of; How Firm a Foundation, Abide with Me, and I believe in Christ. I have lots of years of practice performing with choirs abroad and locally so i've been doing that for a very long time, since I was 3 years old. Today Brother Schank, who used to direct the Institute Singer's Choir last term and last year listened to us. He pointed me out and said that I was very fun to watch sing because he knows the message is written on my heart! I started crying with Gratitude! Here is a Teacher I've never known or met before and he picks me out of a choir and gives me the highest praises you can get for singing praises to your maker! I felt richly blessed today. As I was thanking my Choir Director Brother Romrell and telling him to please tell Brother Schank thank you for his kind comment, he told me he has seen my countenance too while I'm singing and he feels the same way. He also said his wife,(Sister Romrell, a Vocal Performance Major from BYU and Voice Teacher) picked me out in our first performance the first week of school and said that my countenance was compelling to watch as well. He said I needed to know that credible comment comes from 3 different sources. I was so full of gratitude and appreciation to my Heavenly Father and the people he has chosen to lead my choirs and to be leaders in my life right now. I am so thankful for my gift of song and hope to always sing praises to God as long as I live. One day soon, I aspire to be an Alto or Soprano in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, a dream  and goal I have always envisioned and I know will come true ultimately with lots of hard work, family support, love and dedication from the spirit.

On a sidenote- My husband did 2 loads of laundry today and folded one of the loads and put it away! He also helped me take out the laundry from the dryer when I was taking it out! I was so impressed and thankful for his help that I let him have some "Daddy Time" to play a video game for about 40 min. that he's been wanting to play. I think he's finally figured out that after 4 and a half years of marriage if you want to get something you do something nice for your spouse and then are given what you ask for!;)


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