Thursday, September 8, 2011

Early Mornings

Today's post is not going to be filled with pictures. It is going to be filled with words. I do not like waking up early, and I do not enjoy going to bed early either. Therefore, you can imagine that I am usually tired and low on sleep. My husband is taking a class twice a week which is very early in the morning. He has to drive to school leaving about 6:30, so he gets up around 5:30-6 am. This is really hard for me. I hardly ever get to sleep again after he gets ready and wakes up and leaves. We attempted to switch times for the course but there are no other times offered so that is a dubious challenge that is hanging over my head.

I used to be able to sleep anytime of the day or night when I was a teenager. I used to like to stay up all night and go out to parties with close friends. I still go to get togethers, except they are almost always with family or just girl's night venues. I lament that I can not sleep anytime of the day or night anymore. I usually don't fall asleep before midnight and sometimes not till 2 am. Which is alarming because my son and husband are always fast asleep for hours before I can get any rest.

I used to take meds for helping my mind relax I havn't for years. I take just normal over the counter sleeping pills sometimes and herbal remedies like Melatonin, sometimes they work but rarely.
Oh well, need to feed my son breakfast. Chels

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