Friday, May 6, 2011

Amazing Week

This week we have been to the Zoo, the Aquarium and the the Tulip Festival in Lehi, UT  to see gorgous flowers and and lovely brooks, rivers and waterfalls. I took my son on all these excursions. I missed an Exam because I thought it was on a different day and my teacher is letting me take it this morning. I think I did real well on my Family Violence Exam and I have an A in all of my classes except Strengthening Families which I have a B and am taking the Optional Final today to try to make my Grade and A. I think It would be wonderful to get a 4.0! But with 16 credits I'd be happy with a 3.8 too.

I was going to post pictures today but in light of my Exam today I will wait until later to do so.

I am thankful to have assistance from Sister Catmull to tend my son for a few hours this morning,so I can take my test. As I asked her last night after asking almost everyone in the neighborhood!

Happy Friday Everyone! Only one more year and that will be me graduating with a B.S. in H.D.F.S. Human Development and Family Studies!

Yesterday my son said the cutest things; My son saw a jet today in the sky- and said" look mom a blue spaceship!" I say- "Where is it going?" He replies- "To Disneyland! I want to take a blue Spaceship to Disneyland! To see Mickey and Goofy and Pluto!" I think I have to take him to Disneyland soon! His manipulation skills are getting adorable!

He has a green dinosaur Rexy from Toy Story he sang to him "Imagination" the song I sing to Christopher before bed, and tucked him in before he went to bed and had me sing to him. So cute!


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