Monday, May 23, 2011

Smart Boy!

My son is going to be 3 in September. And today he told me, "Mom, I was born in you." I said, "Yes you were." I wondered where he heard that, or figured it out. He's been listening to books on Ipad about New Baby and Little Sister, he wants a sibling so bad.  A few weeks ago it was cold and sleeting I told him I was cold, he brought me his blanket from his bed and said "Here Mom, put my car bed blanket on, are you warm now Mom?" He can be so sweet sometimes.

Yesterday he said pointing to the Temple In Daybreak, "We Got Married in the temple, mommy, daddy and me." And I replied,"No, Daddy and I got married in the Salt Lake Temple, were you watching us in heaven?" He exclaimed, " I watched you get married, in heaven!"Cutest Thing he's ever said! He's getting so smart!

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