Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Weekend 2011

Mother's Day is more to me about celebrating my role as an eternal mother in God's Kingdom and the joy and challenge children bring, than the flowers, chocolates, cards or gifts. That being said; I love it when I am given those gift by my son and my husband but that their meaning is not just temporal. They both value my role and purpose in this life and I cherish that. In Church today the Primary Presidency gave each child a flower in a cup of good soil that had already bloomed and taken deep root. This flower was to be given to the child's mother by the child. I loved how in each primary/nursery class all the children wrote thank you notes and cards of love to their moms. I appreciated deeply the gesture of gifts that the church puts into place. I enjoyed the 2 chocolates from the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory.

 But, what I really want to focus on today is the role of womanhood I have come to know and love. Many women in our society can not have children through no fault of their own and I feel that it is not fair to leave them out on this day. So many of these amazing women are; teachers to our children in the community, schools and church environments and influence our children for the better. They are Mother's at heart, and are kind and accepting to the future generation of children which will soon be our leaders.

 As well as to include Mother's who have lost children in pregnancies or experienced miscarriage and Mother's who have children in heaven who tarried on this earth for a short time. Their children still love them and I'm sure look down on them with unconditional love and devotion on this day, and every day.
Also, step-mom's who are like mothers to many of us and Step-Grandmothers are too. Their roles and love for  us should be cherished too. 

Ultimately, while I praise the role of Motherhood and it's inherent qualities. I further praise Womanhood and the roles many women play in the hearts and lives of the rising generation.

Here are some pictures of the fun we've had this weekend.

                                                           Presents from Daddy
                                                           Yummy Dinner Sat. Night from Daddy!
                                                           Making a silly face, he loved the pasta!

                                                      We had it for lunch Sunday too. Yum!
                                                        Bubba took this picture of Daddy.
                                                          And of himself.
                                                     Ice Shaver for when it's hot- too bad it's raining today!
                                                          Syrup Flavors
                                                                Flowers from Bubba!
                                                      Daddy Made Creme Brulee!
                                                            Bubba asking to play with Dad's Ipad

Hope you all have a fantastic Mother's Day! Chelsea

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