Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain Rain go away!

Rain, rain go away- don't come again for many a day!
For the past 3 days straight,(except for 2 hours today) it has been raining non-stop.

I confess I cried today and felt unusually gloomy and sad for a few minutes, because of the weather.
This makes me think that the people who claim the end of the world is May 21, 2011; this Saturday-
just MIGHT be onto something.

First of all, the rain lasting for 3 days and having a short period of sunshine on the third day;
reminds me of Jesus Christ's ressurection. That was my ray of hope at the end of my dark tunnel.
Perhaps, we have some hope yet, of more sunshiny days to come- and the end of the world isn't really on Saturday. Secondly, The clouds and wind have been ominously tragic and gloomy. This is a very unusual turn for our state of Utah this time of year. Although, this year we've had lots of snow in the Spring and sunshine in the winter, and the EPIC SNOWSTORM OF 2010 was a huge dissapointment. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Here is some of the buzz about the end of the world this weekend, a preacher and his followers think it will happen on Saturday! and

If it was the end of the world this saturday; it would be really sad because I would miss my Dad's Birthday, my cousin's wedding and Hawaii in a few weeks! That's just cruel!

On a more funnier note I found this article a few days ago from the CDC; basically the CDC is taking a more humorous preparedness plan for Natural Disasters and spinning it into- "What to do in case of a Zombie Apocalypse?" which has gained them lots of media attention and might have people more interested on preparing for impending dangers that are usual like; Floods, Fires, Earthquakes, etc. It was funny and interesting to read.

What do you think of all this? Is the end nigh? Do you think it's coming this Saturday?
What good will preparing for Natural Disasters, Hurricanes, and Earthquakes do if the end of the
world is on Saturday? Should we all begin a process of true penitence? Food for thought. Chels

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