Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Vegas and Disneyland

We went to Anaheim to visit Disneyland with Christopher a few weeks ago.
We had to drive because flights were extremely expensive.
We spent one night in Las Vegas at the Platinum Hotel. It was an awesome Hotel! Very beautiful and spaceous for our one night stay! We stayed on the 14th floor, but actually they omitted the 13th floor, so technically it was the 13th floor~
We got to see the Fish Tank at Cesar's Palace and the Mirage Volcano show!
Christopher stayed up way too late, but had a long nap that afternoon.
Here are some photos and hopefully a video of the Mirage Volcano!

                                                                Cheesecake Factory

                                                                  Waiting for the Volcano show!

                                                        Mirage- before the Volcano show
                                                    Rad how all the fire spews out!

                                       Isn't it awesome? Real volcanoes are so much cooler though!

                                                                       The Paris & Bellagio
                                 This picture was at the California Adventure World Of Color Show!
                                                        Dinner at Cheesecake Factory!

                             Christopher said the Volcano, "Went to sleep." When the show was finished.
                                                                The Mirage before the Volcano
                                                              Waiting for the Volcano show
                                                                 Lights of Vegas behind me
                                                           I think this one was the Peter Pan ride.
                                                       Mother and son love
                                                    Snow White Ride, he's kind of scared of this one.
                                            The attempted picture with the stormtrooper at Tomorrowland, Disneyland!


  1. Your family looks like you all had a great time!

    1. Yes, we did! Sorry, I just got this comment! I should have checked it last month!