Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Sacrifice of Adoption

I hope my readers have noticed that I have added an Adoption portion to my Blog.
It is placed on the right and top of every post.

There are two children up for adoption who are staying in a foster family in our neighborhood.
They are siblings and are wonderful kids who need a consistent and caring home environment.

I have recently had so many dear friends struggle with infertility and failed fertility treatments, or surgeries. Similar to the situation I am in.
Some of them have been fortunate enough to place and adopt beautiful children.
However, many of them have not.

I love children deeply and hope that the children in my neighborhood will find a loving family to shelter and love them.

I have been watching some of the videos about children who are placed for adoption.
I can sense a deep sense of sorrow and depression in some, which breaks my heart.
I cannot imagine what they'v had to go through in their young lives.
One boy was asked, "What sorts of activities would you like to do with your family?"
He replied, "It doesn't matter the things I do with them, but that I have a family and that they love me and take care of me." Such a perceptive child and so poignantly compassionate at only 14.

I thought I'd share.

I cannot begin to fathom the emotions which go through the birth mother's heart when she considers the decision to place her child for adoption.
This decision may be the most challenging choice she makes in her life.
I do believe that choosing to place your child is a personal, emotional and religious choice in many cases.
I also believe that putting a child up for adoption to give them a better life than the one you can provide, or are not prepared for currently; is one of the must selfless acts a person can do for their child.

It's not giving them up, it's about love. Really loving your child and wanting the best for them.

Chelsea Merkley


  1. Beautiful! this was so well said. I totally agree with you. Birth mothers are amazing, strong, and so incredibly selfless.