Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Time of Thanks

I love this time of year, the family gatherings are fun, often with complicated family dynamics it's hard to make them all though. I'm thankful for my baby brother and how wonderful he is to me, and our family.

I love the crisp winter air and the sense of wonder in children's hearts- especially my son's.
Thankfulness and Gratitude have been suggested to increase longevity of life, and quality of life.

Thankful List

Family- I love my son with all my heart. Husband helps me with laundry and dishes, and watches our son when I work.

New Friendships made
Old Friendships blossoming
How Humor blesses my life and laughter is the best medicine

Home- I am thankful for shelter from the elements
New Position at work- I am learning so much
The promotion and raise I received
Colleagues who are assisting me to excel
Learning new recipes
My 2 new pairs of boots that I love

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