Friday, June 14, 2013


As Christopher was shooting a plastic suction cup arrow yesterday, he exclaims;
 "The greatest arrow shooter ever!"  And I say; "Who is that?" He replies; "ME!!!!!!!"

My son said today and yesterday; " I am the greatest arrow shooter ever!!"
"I'm even better than Legolas!!!!!" He sounds a bit narcissistic, but at least his bow and arrow works:)

It's safe to say he loves his new toy!

                                                "Mom we need to go to Home Depot for the Father's Day Sale!"

                                 After listening to an advertisement for Home Depot on the radio.

                                         Reply; "We just went there yesterday, honey!"

                                               "But, not for the Father's Day Sale!"

This is my New iphone case I got at City Creek Mall; Deseret Book yesterday.


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