Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Utah to Vegas and then Disneyland

We drove to Primm, but stopped in Vegas for some Tourist fun

                                                                      Us with Ms. Green M & M

And of course, the Coca-Cola Bear photos

                                                              Cabrillo Aquairium Touch Pool
                                       Beautiful Sea Stars, Sea Urchins and Sea Anemones
There are some Sea Cucumbers hidden in this Aquarium too

Beautiful Sharks and Fish

Lots of fish

This Purple Sea Star feels like a Cushion it is so soft, no missing legs or parts yet.

This Aquairium was free, and the beach was a fun place to play too!

Daddy and Christopher Loved the Aquairium touch pool!

Beautiful Marine Life

Zebra Shark

That is the Mooray Eel

It's sort of coming out of it's Cave

Abelone, Anemone, Sea Stars and Sea Urchin

Sea Horses

"Mommy, you look funny from inside here!"

We went to the Fish Nursery where they raise baby fishies to grow up and be a part of the Aquairium

Playing Dress Up

He chose to be a Sea Turtle

Then a Sea Horse

Then a Diver

Baby Moon Jellies

A Fish Hiding under the Sand

Shark Egg Sacs you can Touch

Bigger Sharks and Sea Stars

That Creepy and Cool looking Orange and White HUGE ANIMAL, is a Sea Cucumber!

We approve of this FREE PLACE!

Cabrillo Beach

The Water was cold but he didn't care!

He wrote his name!

Hmm, looks like while I was in the Restroom he couldn't not climb.

Fun pretending to be fishies

Mickey Mouse at Disneyland's California Adventure 3-9-14

Toy Story Mania

With Walter Elias Disney and Mickey Mouse

Toy Story Mania, he loves this ride!

The Tree House with Dad

He is very scared of the Dark and did not want to go on Space Mountain

We took him once He got a Zurg Gun for it

He says his favorite ride is the Radiator Springs Racers Ride! And he loves the Tomorrowland Astroblasters defeating Zurg, and Toy Story Mania.

He was so scared of Splash Mountain, he cried on the ride. He used to love this ride!

We Met Lightnin' McQueen!

Christopher Danced with the DJ Car and some other kids

He met Tow Mater and Posed with him.

We waited 1 hour and 15 minutes for the Cars Racers ride, he entertained himself climbing some bottles.

Starting out on the Radiator Springs Racers Ride.

We all shared 1 ice cream

Christopher Merkley in Front of the Castle

Trying to pull the Sword from the Stone

Our Family in Front of the Castle

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