Saturday, May 24, 2014

Review of XMEN: Days of Future Past

                                                           The first X Men Movie I saw

X MEN 2 

Most of you know that i love X Men Films by Marvel. Well, the ones that are done extremely well.
I started liking them years ago around 2000 and 2003. With the first Xmen and Xmen 2. I really was not a big fan of X Men 3, because the story was so heartbreaking and bleak. And the outcome was, inevitably similar.  X Men First Class was my husbands favorite installment of the franchise so far, even to this day. It was a great film! I prefer the new installment to First Class; with few exceptions.

First of all, this movie is not for children. Neither are most super hero related movies marketed towards an adult audience who grew up with them. Please do not take your 3 year old or 6  year old or anyone under 13 to this film. Even if they are mature for their age. The result will not be something you would want them to see. I was appalled at the use of some bad words in this film and an unneeded showing of a body part that was clearly not needed in the movie at all. As with all movies I think it is wise to go to to see the content of the film before you see it, or decide to take your children or family to see it.

Now down to nitty gritty. As the name of the new film suggests future and past will coexist, subside, change or be rewritten- by the deeds and collaboration of one particular person with other mutants. If this person can convince other mutants that he's not crazy, fighting for a cause to change the past and the future, to try to protect mutants and humans from a common enemy created by a human who gets a hold of a secret weapon, from an unsuspecting mutant. The fabric of space and time continuum is the most fascinating i've ever seen in a film before, as is how they show what mutant(s) have developed certain abilities not present in past films.

Think of Back to the Future. Even now, decades later it still has an amazing fan base. Although I wish we could get those cool shoes for cheaper, now that they are being made. But, I digress... Do you remember the amazing actor who portrayed the younger Charles Xavier in First Class? And the captivating pick for the younger Magneto? They are back! I would tell you who else is in it, but it spoils lots of the story. There are some new Charachters, with magnificent abilities who help the story move along. As is the case for most Marvel movies, you'll want to stay until the end of the credits. Although, I'm not sure who or what that thing was at the end there, but it was definitely intriguing.

Enjoy the movie!

We saw the 3D Film today! It was fun! Chelsea

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