Thursday, November 18, 2010

New Blog

Well, this is our new blog. Since my old email is cancelled now, because it was hacked. I don't have access to it. Our Fall Family Photos are on the sidebar. We got some really wonderful pictures. Therefore, I'll be having fun with them in the next few weeks before Thanksgiving & Christmas. I will probably send out more Holiday cards with our new family pictures soon. I really am getting tired of writing so many papers, book reports and taking tests. I would like it to be mid-December right now. And I would like to be in San Diego or Orlando going to some fun parks. That's how I feel right now.

Christopher is amazingly smart. He loves puzzles and can count to 6 in order without help. He is a talker like his mama. And is very quick to tell mommy and daddy, "No"!
He loves the small amount of time spent at school with his friends and fun teachers.
He is in love with trains, or choo choos as he calls them and cars. He loves to pretend to drive my car and watch Dinosaur Train and Mickey Mouse Club on Saturday Mornings. He loves going outside and kicking a soccer ball and swinging on his swing as well as in his playhouse outside! My baby is growing up so fast!
That's all for now. Chels

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