Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Worst Blizzard in a Decade?

I think not. At least where I was. Maybe 4 inches of snow, granted- that much of it was blown about last night in the upwards of 50 MPH winds. I've seen much worse in Florida. Not of Snowstorms there, but I've been in a Hurricane there in 2004, so this was a huge ramp of the media saying we'll have 9-13 inches of snow and heavy ice and no delivery. Stupid media, sometimes they over-react. Oh, I'm in Utah. They over-react all the time here.

Anyways I did like the cool storm clouds forming and took some pictures of what we saw where we live. The white out of the snow and wind lasted about 2 hours and that's all. The real problem was lack of visibility. I think that's why they wanted no one on the roads.

However, I feel for some of my friends downn South at the Y who may have had their apartments flooded because of the break of a water main. That's just very bad timing and quite odd. I hope that not too many were hurt and that their things aren't too badly damaged.

My pics for the blizzard are on my facebook page.

Oh and Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone! I'm thankful I don't have school the rest of the week and did well on my Quiz today! Chels

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