Thursday, April 14, 2011

Museum of Ancient Life Yesterday

                                                 Swinging with daddy earlier in the week

                                                   In the Museum Elevator

                                                    Putting together the magnetic puzzle dinosaurs

                                               playing in the erosion playplace at the museum

                                                     Swinging with daddy earlier in the week

Okay, so I didn't realize this before, but we have seen Night at the Museum 1 and 2 recently. And my son is petrified of the T. Rexes in the Museum, so much that he ran away from them as fast as he could. Because in the movie they come to life and start chasing the guard. Kind of silly, but my husband figured that out. He's really scared of them because he thinks the bones are going to come to life and chase him like in the movie.

Also, today my son said, " I want my daddy back!" and "I want my daddy". He misses his dad when he's at work. And loves him so much. The fact that my husband works very long and inconsistently scheduled hours is hard on our son. We miss him. And if it's sunny tomorrow my boy and I  will go to the Aviary or the zoo! Chels

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