Monday, November 7, 2011

A Thankful Heart

The past few months have been exceptionally challenging for me in many ways.
School has been excessively hard, home life has been less than desired and more stressful;
and my son has been putting up fights and temper tantrums daily.

However, since it is November 7, I want to share 7 blessings I am thankful for.

1. My son. He is 3 and is very head strong and opinionated like both of his parents are.
He learns very fast and speaks extremely well for his age. He loves to play with children
his age and play in the snow. He is getting better at being kind and using his words and
not his hands or feet to kick.

2. He pretends to cook when I cook. I find this very cute and a wonderful type of role-play for him.
I believe that modeling parental behavior is a type of learning and find it awesome that he is doing it!

3. I am so thankful for my singing voice! I sang at BYU yesterday for a Fireside; We sang I am a Child of God, and Come unto Him. President Packer spoke on the importance of Coming Unto Christ and how he is our mediator and advocate. That Christ has paid the price for us and he is our creditor and gives us justice and mercy if we repent and live our lives worthy to meet him again. His message was one of hope and always a possibility for change. I really loved hearing him speak, but most of all the Holy Spirit I felt when he spoke!

4. I am thankful that I teach in our Primary and get to teach young blossoming mind's of the truthfulness of the gospel. I'm grateful for the kids I teach and how smart they are. They are such good kids!
I never knew how smart 8-10 year old's were until I was called to teach them! (I'm very grateful for the Gospel of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!)

5. I'm thankful for Technology. I love that I can have a phone and talk to my friend's and those I love. I enjoy being able to communicate with friend's and family in other States and Countries.

6. I'm thankful for a working dishwasher, brooms and a vacuum. I am not an avid cleaner. But I like to be able to sweep up messes and be able to clean up occasionally. Like when people in my home spill M&M's behind the fridge!

7. I'm thankful for writing. I love to write! Write in my Journal, write papers for my courses in school, and write poetry and how I'm feeling. I also love how my writing doesn't judge me and how it's really therapeutic! It helps me self-regulate my emotions, and understand how or what I'm feeling. (I'm also thankful for books, and a pass to our local library to gain access to them, and movies without paying a rental or buying them!)

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  1. Great idea! I need to take a moment and remember all the wonderful things in my life too. It's so easy to forget in the day to day grind. Thanks for posting that!