Thursday, November 24, 2011

Turkey Day! Happy Thanksgiving! (Grateful List)

Today I am thankful for our neighbors Lynn and Sandy Webb! We were out monotonously raking our lawn this morning, which was covered with leaves,  and Lynn came to our rescue with a rider mulcher/mower! He helped collect the leaves in less than an hour! Wowzers! That's fast! So guess what the Webb's got today?
Pumpkin Spice Cookies from me! With Confetti and Vanilla Frosting a few hours after they helped us!
I love how wonderfully kind and helpful they are to us!

I am thankful Robert and I went to Las Vegas last weekend. Here are some pictures;
                                                             Wynn and Encore Hotels
                                                              Las Vegas Temple Last Friday

                                       I am so thankful for Temples and the joy and hope they bring to me.

                                                                     Angel Moroni
                                                               Me in the front of the Temple

Listening to a great Italian Opera Gondola Guy sing, from the sidewalk!

                                                  I really like the marble trees and display of leaves!
                                                             We went on the Roller Coaster! It was fun!

                                                          First Cirqu show we've seen, awesome!
                                                                Us at the Cirque Show
                                                           At Treasure Island Hotel Theater
                                            There is such a place, it's not just a Bond Movie, or book!
                    I don't like Coke but I love the Style of the lamp on the left! Too bad it's $1,200!
                                                          Walking on the Strip

                                                            Arch De Triumph by the Paris Hotel
               Bellagio Water Fountains! ;) Italian Opera Andrea Boccelli & Sarah Brightman LOVE!

                                                         Yummiest Hot Sandwiches Ever!
                                                           Traffic and a Cool Hotel
                                                           We rode the N.Y. Roller Coaster!
                                                     That is one, stylin' and expensive jacket!


                                                This is what replaced Fao Schwartz kids store!
             Way too modern for me, I felt like I was on a different planet! Why would I buy something there!?
               I really miss the kids store! I was so thankful for it while it was there though!

                    Happy Turkey day everyone! I peeled, boiled and mashed 18 potatoes today! And made Pumpkin Spice Cookies. I may make a Pumpkin Pie or Pumpkin Cobbler next! Yummy!
But, first I will have hot chocolate! I am thankful my son is napping and that my husband fixed our sink pipes which got clogged today! I am grateful for; my heater, blankets, modern medicine, good healthy, happiness, love, life-long learning and the ability to grow and change. I am thankful for school, and making new friends. I'm thankful for all my loyal, trustworthy and sweet, true friends and family!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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