Monday, July 14, 2014

Midway, Utah Barker Family Reunion

We went to my Uncle Doug's (Aunt Phyllis's Dairy Farm)

Adam Barker took this photo of us Thanks Adam Barker Photography!

The Howards

Some Candid Bryce and Margy Barker Shots

The Grandchildren

Grandmom Betsy with her Grandchildren

Grammy and Grandaddy with the youngest Great Grandchild Bjorn Olson (Anneka Himes Olson and Hyrum Olson's newest Addition, 5 weeks old)

Sofia Barker the youngest Granchild, with her father Howard Barker and her Grandparents Grammy and Grandaddy with the Youngest Grandchild Bjorn Olson

Allan Barker and Joann Gardner Barker and their children and their children's spouses

The Girls

The Boys 

The Boys with Grammy and Grandaddy

All The Great Granchildren with Grammy and Grandaddy

                      Grammy, Charlie, Max, Blake, Ashton and my sweet Christopher
Grammy really loves her Great Grandchildren

Heber Valley Cheese Aging Room

5 Week old Baby Bjorn, being held by his Father Hyrum Olson

Petting the Cows

It licked his hand!

This Calf liked to lick his hand

This one licked his hand too, to say Hello! Mooooo!

My sweet Angel Boy.

A Female with Utters and Horns Robert really wanted proof such a thing exists He's silly. The Dairy Farm was fun!

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