Monday, July 28, 2014

Sun Valley, Idaho Burbidge Family Vacation and Draper Aquairium with the NYC Merkley's

How I love my baby boy.

My sweet Angel Boy before Church

I used to go Tubing and Golf Ball Hunting and Swimming in this Pond

I adore this view!

Playing in the Water and looking for Crystals

Me at the Paddle Boating Pond

Paddle Boating Pond 

Paddle Boat Pond

Sun Valley Pond by the Round Pool

Darling Rivers

Silly Faces

Beautiful Duck Pond Across from Sun Valley Inn

Exploring Cousins

Duck Pond by Sun Valley Inn

Flying Kites

Christopher helping to Fly Courtney's Kite

These buildings were made from branches and weeds and thickets

The Sun ValleY Arts Counsel and Ketchum Residents helped build it

Beautiful Mountains

Throwing little Rocks and Crystals in the Lake

Collecting Crystals and throwing Rocks

Look at my Crystal Mom!

Discussing the Moss. Look at their Reflections!

Pretty Bird

Feet in the Pond

The first time we visited the cool 3 Little Pigs Stick House. We visited Twice. The earlier pictures were actually later in the week.

My sweet Niece Flying her Kite

My niece and her Daddy Flying Kites

Helping his Cousin Fly Her Kite, waiting for a Good Breeze.

Watching his Cousin Fly her Butterfly Kite

Duck Pond

                                                                           Feeding the Duckies

Feeding the Ducks

Watching the Ducks

I love his Smile!

Ducks hiding under the tree

Swimming in the Pool

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