Thursday, March 3, 2011

Free Zoo Day and Free Safe Kids Fair Day

I havn't updated the blog in a while. I've had some tests and assignments, powerpoints to put together for class. Thankfully most of those are now done and I have time to update you all on what the little squirt, and I an my hubbs have been up to. Last Saturday we went to the Safe Kids Fair at South Towne Expo Center. A little boy's heaven. Police cars, Police Workers, Firetrucks, Fire workers, A School Bus, Playground Slide equipment to play on, lots of cool animal exhibits and Ironman Himself doing a safety show! How cool is that? Little boy heaven indeed! The pics below show you that and also on Wednesday of last week we went to the FREE ZOO DAY at the Hogle Zoo! My baby loved to see all the awesome animals! I love this kid! Enjoy the pics. Chels

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