Monday, March 14, 2011

Ski/Snowboard Trip

                                                         Dave, a great instructor!
                                      Saturday March 12, 2011 Robert Merkley's first day Snowboarding or for that matter, at a ski resort in the winter! He's never attempted snowboarding or skiing before in his life. At the ripe age of 29 he is trying out snowboarding with the help of a great teacher Dave! Who was really patient and a great instructor as Robert was telling me. I was the only one skiing and I'm glad there were no pictures of me doing so since I am way out of shape and super sore now that it's been a few days after. It was great fun though! Thanks to Elena and Dave for how patient they were with both Robert and I and our inexperienced selves. We still had a great time! Even though we got lots of soreness and stiffness, it was worth it!

All of the pictures of my husband Robert he is in a green and black snowboarding jacket and his sister Elena is in a bright pink hoodie on her snowboard. Fun times! Chels

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