Friday, August 19, 2011

More San Diego & other stops along the road trip

My son dancing at San Diego Zoo waiting for the Chinese Acrobats to start.
Family Photo at a restaurant taken about a month ago
                                                         Cache Valley Cheese, Beaver Utah
                                                    I like these sayings they were in the cheese shop

      Crisis Center info. for Women and Children this was located in the Girl's restroom door, after               studying Family Violence I am glad places like this safeguard families.

                                                    Church Historical Site Fort Ira Hinckley built

                                                    A bit blurry i love the blue dyed lace.
                                                      I love the Beehive on the comforter so pretty!
                                  The Little Black Rocking Chair is authentic it was found here.
                                                          Darling China!

                                               Look at that spinning wheel so cool.
                   That crib is authentic it doubles as a bench when the baby gets older, you just turn it over, neat!

                                                   The Book Of Mormon in over 30 languages

                                              I love the antique sewing machine! And the Pretty quilts!

                                                     Christopher and Dad on the Top of the Fort

                                                   Portrait of Ira Hinckley and his wife
                                                               My lil guy on the wagon
                                                               Us on the wagon
My Lil Chef waiting for some food at In N Out, in Riverton, Utah.

                                       Las Vegas Mandalay Bay, we went to the Shark Aquarium there.

                                                         We saw the Shark Ray it was pretty awesome!
                                                       Komodo Dragon
                                                        Burmese Python


                                                          Giant Geckos
                                                             Black Tip Reef Shark
                                                             White Tip Reef Shark

                                                      A Big Fish

                                                  The flash reflects on the glass so it's hard to do.
                                            In the Shark Tank, Robert took these  pictures.

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