Monday, August 1, 2011

Swimming Party! Aquarium fun!

                               Sat. we went to family to have some yummy dinner and swim!
                                                      Robert helping Christopher on the slide
                                                         Here they come!
                                                                  I love my boys!
                                                           Look he's kicking!
                                                               After daddy dunked him.

                               He had to put Nemo down the slide first, before he would go.
                                             He sat there for a while, was really nervous.
                               He was really scared to come down, Daddy and Grandpa had to help him.
                                                    Playing with the fishy Nemo.
                                                            He loves Nemo!
                                             Laughing and Splashing.He's growing up so fast!
August 1, (today) we went the the Aquarium with the Wiley's.
                                                         Eerie looking Dwarf Caiman.
                                                           Sherilyn and her babies!
                                                    There is the penguin behind them!
                                                         Me with Christopher and Clara
                                            Christopher trying to get down, protesting a picture.
                                                             He was almost looking at me here!
Looking at the cool side-necked turtle!
We had a great time today! So much to see and do!

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