Saturday, August 13, 2011

SLC-San Diego and Back!

                                      I am in a Shark Tank in San Diego the Flash makes it hard to tell.
                                    Look at those Teeth! Sandtiger Sharks are vicious with those teeth!
                                                      The Sea Lion and Otter show at Seaworld
                                                      Waiting for Shamu Show to Start.
                                                              I love this shot I caught!
                                                             So beautiful at night!

                                                     Robert and his bubble bath in Mesquite!
                                                              Gosh he's cute!
                                                    The pool in Mesquite we didn't get to go in it.
                                                             The Elevator at Seaworld
                              The first sight of Sharks on our trip, he loves it. Seaworld. (these photos aren't in order)
                                                       At the Beluga Whale Exhibit with Dad
                                                                 The Polar Bears at Seaworld
                                                            Christopher with Polar Bear
                                                              Walrus at Seaworld
                                                           Beluga Whales
                                                                 Penguins at Seaworld
                                                          Robert's fav. part of the trip
                                                        Sea turtles and fish(Seaworld)
                                                             Beautiful Creature

                                           Looking at the animals on the Tram at the Safari Park

                                                                   animals at Safari Park

                                                      White Rhino they are endangered.
                                                       Cool looking camoflauged deer like things
                                                                   Baby Giraffes

                                                 Main Lion on a fake Jeep

                                                             Burmese Python
                                                               My son and a Burmese Python
                                                                Acrobat Dancers in Safari
                                                                   Acrobat Dancers
                                                                  Safari Park Carousel

                                                            A San Diego Beach

                                                                  What's that?


                                                                 Chasing a seagull with Mommy

Christopher's Picture of me
This last Sunday my husband, our son and I took a road trip to San Diego to go to Seaworld, the San Diego Zoo and the San Diego Safari Park (Also known as the San Diego Wild Animal Park). It was a really hard time driving with a child who will be 3 in less than a month! Talk about fits! I am thankful for the Ipad and Ipod for his entertainment since without them it would've been much worse. As we drove home we stopped in Las Vegas to see the Shark Aquarium at Mandalay Bay Hotel on the strip and in Beaver to see a Church Historical Site. We got home at 5 pm and are teaching Primary tomorrow and bringing treats to nursery. I have more pictures on my Iphone these were just some of the 300 plus pics on my regular camera. Chels

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